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Congratulations to SSIS HS Graduate Joshua Li

June, 2017
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Joshua Li, High School graduate of Shanghai Singapore International School, Minhang Campus, will be attending the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He will be studying sports and exercise science and then sports medicine.

ssis-hs-graduate-joshua-liI feel accomplished, as I have passed such a huge milestone in my life. I also feel free, even though I will be back to studying in University soon. I feel proud of myself for having completed my High School with good grades.

My plan for the summer is to enjoy my life as much as I can before I have to go to university; I want to use my time to say my goodbyes to all my precious friends. I will also be going back to Italy to visit my family before I leave for Scotland.

I have studied at SSIS for twelve years. I would describe it as interesting, mostly because many very interesting people came and went throughout my journey, allowing me to have many different experiences. It was also a very valuable experience because it has taught me many valuable lessons. For example, the I4Cs taught me about initiative. People should take the initiative and first step rather than waiting for someone or something else.

One of my favorite memories of SSIS is definitely graduation day with my whole cohort. It was the end of the journey for all of us, with all the past memories we’ve had together. It was also a proud moment for me to be able to stand on the stage and talk on behalf of my cohort. Another memory would be winning the ACAMIS soccer championship game. It was an emotional game and we were so happy to bring back a trophy for SSIS.

ssis-hs-graduate-joshua-li-4I took the IB program. I took Chemistry HL, Biology HL, English and Literature HL, Psychology SL, Chinese B SL, and Mathematics SL. I think the program is great. Six subjects is a good number because it is not too small that your choices are limited and it is not too large where the amount of work is too much. However, it is still tough and it requires a lot of effort to complete and do well.

I think the key to enjoying High School life is having a close group of friends who you can always rely on. For example, I have my own little group of friends and we have a group chat on WeChat. We always talk to each other, encourage each other, and help each other when needed. I think that is a great way for you to enjoy High School as you have friends who are taking care of you. I also think finding a hobby is very important. For example, I like sports so I joined the school SISAC teams. This allows me to exercise and do something I enjoy. It is a great way to relax or take a break from studying.

I think that time management is key for success. Having a schedule and knowing what to do each will help a lot with schoolwork, especially in IB, as there are many assignments and projects to complete. It is also very important for exams, as you need to be organized when it comes to studying. You should not wait until the last moment to study for the exam. You should have a plan of what you will study each day so that you cover each one of your subjects. You also need to manage your time between studies, social life, and exercise. 

I have been studying in international schools for thirteen years. I think international schools do a good job of preparing us for the future. In terms of academics, I don’t think it has a big advantage over local schools as they also have rigorous education programs. However, a big advantage international schools have is the fact that we have the chance to meet people from all over the world, which I think is great as we get to experience different cultures of the world. This prepares us for the future because we will meet people from all over the world when finding jobs in the real world. It gives us a chance to learn about other countries and how to behave towards different cultures. 

Advice for fellow students: Enjoy your High School life with your friends. There is a chance that you will never see them again after High School, so cherish everyday and every moment with them. Studying is important of course, but if you don’t enjoy your life, then there is no point in studying.


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