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Congratulations to SLAS HS Graduate Eri Oji

June, 2017
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Eri Oji, High School graduate of Shanghai Livingston American School, will go to a community college in Los Angeles. Eri is planning to transfer to a four-year college after two years of community college. She will major in communication.

slas-hs-graduate-eri-oji-2I miss my High School life and my friends. I am also worried about my future in college, but I am more excited to begin a new chapter of my life. My plan for summer is to travel with my friends. I will be traveling around Asia.

I have been studying at SLAS for three years. We do not have a big number of students in our school. Some class can be less than five students in total. Because of this small class size, we know about other classmates or teachers well. It was also easy to have conversations and say our opinions any time we wanted. SLAS is a school where we can be confident about ourselves.

There are so many great memories of SLAS. I was playing volleyball before I came to SLAS, but I had never played with people who speak English. I was worried to join the team because I did not want to be the one who cannot do what people want me to do because I do not understand English. However, I joined the volleyball team for three years. It actually improved my English level by knowing new words or knowing new friends in the team. Volleyball season became my favorite time in school and I became the captain in senior year. We did not have enough practice. We did not have a good place to practice, either, but my team had the best teamwork. We were always winning. I am proud of my teammates.

slas-hs-graduate-eri-oji-3I took AP classes in High School. I took AP Japanese and AP World History. AP Japanese was easy for me to take because it is my first language. The reason why I took the class was not to forget Japanese. I could see my own culture carefully through the classes and remember the words in Japanese. AP History class was my most challenging class. History has difficult English words, so sometimes it was hard for me to read old articles. But I liked to write my opinions down as essay so it was a nice opportunity to make claims and predict what did happen or how did happen in the past. I had to study very hard in both classes, so those were nice programs to improve my study skills.

High School is hard, but if you do what you have to do, it becomes easy. You can never enjoy High School life if you always leave something to the last minute. You will enjoy when you accomplish assignments completed and receive better scores. If you want to get better scores, you need to take time to solve questions. You should not finish work a minute before the deadline. You need to finish everything before you go out so you do not have to worry about remaining time or quality of your assignment.

I have been studying in an international school for three years. I think international school education is valuable for students in the future because the world is more connected, so it is beneficial to have some experience of other cultures and languages.

Advice for fellow students: Connection or networks between people are always helpful, so talk to people and help people. People around you will come help you when you are in trouble. 

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