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Congratulations to SCIS Hongqiao HS Graduate Tiffany

June, 2017
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Tiffany Wu, High School graduate of Shanghai Community International School, Hongqiao Campus, is going to study art at her dream school, University of the Arts London.

scis-hq-hs-gradaute-tiffanyGraduating from High School is the closing of one chapter, and the opening of another. Along with regret and sadness from moving on, is the appreciation for my teachers and excitement for my future. As I graduate from High School, I definitely feel lonely to leave my friends and teachers.

During the summer, I plan to visit my grandparents in Taiwan and Hong Kong before I move to London, and applying for my student visa. In my leisure time, I can visit art museums and exhibitions that I previously did not have time to go to. 
I have been studying at Shanghai Community International School for nine years. The experience is definitely memorable and unforgettable, where I was able to see the school change over nine years. All the teachers who have taught me before, and the students around me were warm and caring. Previously, I came from a school that see value in students only from their academic success, SCIS in comparison is a much warmer community to me. Teachers here see value in me from my attitude and effort to improve. My experience in SCIS altered my personality and increased my confidence.  

One of the most memorable moments in SCIS is the China Trip to Guizhou. I remember the dangerous river hike where I almost drowned, and our teacher Mrs. Lawless jumped into the water to save me.
I took two years of IB in High School, which includes subjects such as Art, Psychology, and English Literature. The subjects were chosen based on our preference and interest, so I would say that I enjoyed the program. The two-year program helps me gain a deeper understanding of the subject, where I could use previous knowledge learnt in Year one to explain the new material taught in Year two. The program let me see how much that I have grown and improved. The program also helps build responsibility in students by having them write Extended Essays and IAs.
High School life is definitely much busier and tougher than Middle School; however, it is not as challenging as I thought it would be. With reasonable time management, I could still have free time and complete the work given. I managed to enjoy my High School life by working when I am motivated, or studying in an unfamiliar environment, because it helps me become more focused and productive. It is essential to plan ahead and adjust your schedule based on the amount of work given. This includes knowing how long you usually take to write certain essays or presentations, in order to know how much free time you possibly can have and still being able to complete all work. PAFA and our parents also supported us along the way by preparing delicious food and quiet spaces for us to study during exams. 
Time management is not the only factor that influences success. Other factors such as the amount of effort you put in, and how well you have understood the material taught can also influence the IB grades. Effort includes being attentive in class, and always pushing yourself to the limit. Furthermore, CAS purposefully teaches students that success is through time management and maintaining a balanced school life. Full-time studying or completing work at the last minute would not benefit you on the long run. Successful students in my grade often strive in both high grades in school, and seek opportunities or explore their interests outside of school.
I have been studying in international schools since Primary School. Most international schools have the common purpose to prepare students to continue their education in foreign countries, thus having all classes in English prepares my communication skills. Studying with students from all over the world allows me to embrace cultural differences, and teaches me when to lead or compromise when working in a group. Moreover, open discussions and activities in class help students develop individual and unique voices, which contributes to form distinct personalities that universities look for. Although IB curriculum may be challenging, it definitely prepares me for an even tougher course awaiting me in university.

Advice for fellow students: I would advice fellow students take advantage of their summer vacations, and use this time to explore their personal interests. The earlier they are settled with which universities and course they want to major in, the easier it is for them to be accepted by their dream school. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to major in until the summer before 12th Grade. There were certainly many students who also applied to my university, yet more determined and prepared than I was. If I utilized my time wisely and decided earlier, I could’ve better prepared my portfolio when applying for my university. Usually, students who apply earlier are accepted earlier, which helps them focus on their IB courses while other students may still have to worry about getting into universities. Moreover, I encourage fellow students at school to attend as many after-school activities, internships, and summer programs as possible.

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