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Congratulations to SCIS Hongqiao HS Graduate Soo-Jeong Shin

June, 2017
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Soo-Jeong Shin, High School graduate of Shanghai Community International School, Hongqiao Campus, is going to Keio University in Tokyo to study Economics.

scis-hq-soojeong-editedGraduating from High School, I feel great. I now feel like I finally became a true adult. At the same time, I feel responsible for every decision ahead of me. Being fully in charge of my own life seems not always as delightful as I imagine. However, I am still so excited to explore the new chapter of my life. During this summer, I will go back to South Korea for several weeks and meet my friends before I study in Japan. I am also planning to study Japanese and take Yoga classes.

One of my best memories of SCIS was the trip to Disneyland in my senior year and annual China trips were the most unforgettable memories. We went to Disneyland for our math project, where we rode a rollercoaster and calculated the velocity to find a specific formula. We were divided into teams and through this activity I could learn the importance of teamwork. Also, I cannot forget the thrill of the Tron ride. For China trips, we went to Hainan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, etc, and did various fun activities. We ate local foods and visited famous historical places. In Inner Mongolia, we ate lamb, and in Hunan province, we visited the birthplace of Chairman Mao. We had great events in school too, such as Chinese New Year ceremony and International Food Fair. I will never forget these precious memories and will always miss these great times at SCIS.

I took the IB Diploma program. I chose Economics, History, Biology, Math, English, and Korean. Although final grades come out in July, I feel successful at this moment. I chose subjects that most suited to my future major and something that I was most confident with. I never procrastinated assignments and read textbooks over and over. I drank a lot of coffee to keep myself awake and concentrate on studying. I also asked many questions to teachers, which helped me clarify difficult concepts. As I am not a native English speaker, I tried to practice English on a daily basis. I enjoyed watching American TV series such as Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory. In addition, I read news articles from BBC to get used to academic nomenclature.

High School years are quite tough for most HS students, me included. So I ate delicious food and watched movies whenever I felt exhausted. My mom is an excellent cook who can turn any ingredients into awesome cuisine. I also exercised by running or doing yoga to release my stress. Chatting with friends about life also helped me survive my long and arduous IB journey. With friends, I went shopping and biking. Most of all, I bonded with my family. I talked to my parents about my concerns and they gave me valuable advice. They always encouraged me to have confidence and be positive. I cannot imagine how would I have gone through IB without their loving support.

SCIS is special because it actively promotes diversity by embracing different cultures, while also teaching Chinese culture as well. I studied four years in SCIS and this school not only made me speak fluent English, but also broadened my worldview. All school facilities and tools are state-of-the-art. The school uniform is the prettiest among other international schools in Shanghai. Not only that, a school cafeteria and two cafes, each at High School and Middle School buildings, serve really good food.

SCIS is my first international school. I think such education where students with different nationalities collaborate and learn subjects in English really prepares you for a successful future. We learn to harmonize with others and have unbiased outlooks on worldwide issues. I now am capable of embracing others’ opinions more flexibly.

Advice for fellow students: Be positive, inquisitive, and diligent. I sincerely wish you the best in your college lives. Albert Einstein said, two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. He added, but I am not sure about the universe. So go, learn, and absorb new knowledge that has yet to be honed by your own intelligence.


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