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Congratulations to CZTIS HS Graduate James Wu

June, 2017
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James Wu, graduate from Changzhou Trina International School (CZTIS), is going to Umass-Amherst University to study Kinesiology.

As a graduated student, I am feeling quite proud, a lot of happiness, and a little bit nervous. I am proud of my High School and I am part of the first group of graduated students. Finally, three years ended, time is so fast that I can still remember the first day I came to school, now it is over. Two month later, I will arrive in the US and this makes me a bit nervous, because I have to go there by myself, and this is a big challenge in my life.

I have been studying in CZTIS for three years. Looking back at these years, I am now more mature, I have more friends and the most important point is that I know how to think by myself. I also know the importance of being an independent person. Trina taught me a lot these three years. I really appreciate that. Trina is special because it is a new school – many aspects can be improved but it has great potential in Jiangsu Province.

My best memory in CZTIS is the football game we played against WAIS, which was amazing. I scored four goals in that game and had one wonderful free kick goal. Everyone was active and they fought for CZTIS. This is the first game we played against another school and before the game, everyone was nervous, but when the game was over we were truly excited.

My High School program is American HS program. I chose AP Calculus, Advanced Microeconomics 2, Chinese Studies, English Language and Composition, ICT, Marketing, PE, and Physics. In this program, I could choose any class I am interested in and it is very targeted. This is very challenging to me as well. We changed the program at first and this caused some problems.

High School life is tough, but I can still have free time to release my stress after school. I play football every day in the afternoon. I think I cannot study all the time in one day; and I have to do some activities to balance myself. The human body is not like a machine, it needs rest and then it can work better.

Time management is quite important. In my opinion, if a person can organize time very well, he or she can organize his or her life well too. They know the importance of time, and they must know how short our life is. Then they choose to be the master of their own time. I have been studying in international school for three years in total. At some points, this is better for my future, and the version of me I have now is totally different from that three years ago.

Advice for fellow students: You should be honest in your whole life, because credit is very important through your lifetime. Also, be kind to the people around you, and then they will accept you, and want to stay with you. Lastly, do not give up easily, hold on and be strong. 


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