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Congratulations to Carmen Li, BWYA Class of 2016

June, 2016
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Carmen Li, graduate of the Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA), plans to study Computer Science in the UK, at the University of St Andrews or Lancaster University 

0j7a4659Graduating from high school, I simply feel happy as always. I don’t feel sad at all because people just come and go, and this is how life is. I am glad that I am free from all the intense studying and pressure from the final exams, and I finally have time to relax and do what I wanted.

I have been studying at the Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA) for 6 years. There have been good and bad days, which have made those years very memorable. I think it is wonderful to have seen myself grow and change so much together with my friends. We were young, we made mistakes, but we pushed through, together. 

I remember the time that we were at the temporary campus. There were no more stairs to climb; all the classrooms were on the ground floor, and it was like being in a big playground. It was terribly hot in the summer because there was little shade, but when you walked around, you could see everyone in school, and it felt like a big family where you knew everyone.

In total, I think I have been at international schools for around seven years. I do think that international school education teaches you how to deal with your life in the future. It focuses on both study and extra-curricular activities, and the projects and investigations are intended to let us learn by ourselves. Instead of just listening to what the teachers said, I learnt to think by myself and come up with my own questions, which gave me the motivation to acquire knowledge.

I took the International Baccalaureate (IB) in high school. I took English B HL, Mathematics HL, Physics HL, Chinese A SL, Economics SL, and Chemistry SL. IB gave us a tonnes of work, but it covered many different areas and helped me to grow. It was a painful process, but I am glad that I took the programme.

I try to remind myself that tests and scores are not important - school is about learning and not trying to get top scores, and in the future, the things that come up in tests will not be important to you anymore. The things that will follow you throughout your life will be your best friends and the experiences.

Time management is very important. If you stop procrastinating, it will make your life much easier. However, unfortunately I have poor time management skills, and these became worse as I got closer to graduating. I think the important thing is to know how to save time, such as by not paying attention to small details that do not matter so much, or by getting to know the method of learning that best suits you. 

Advice for fellow students at school: test scores are not as important as you think. Just try your best to get through high school and graduate. Make happy memories while you still can, as studying in school will be the best time of your life. Participate in activities, get to know some new friends, and enjoy the experiences.


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