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Congratulations to BIBA HS Graduate Alice Shi

June, 2017
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Shi Ming Hui (Alice), High School graduate of Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA), is going to the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) to major in Fine Art Drawing and Painting.

biba-hs-graduate-aliceGraduating from High School is an end of one stage of my life, and also a start of the next chapter. I am happy and excited, because I finally completed two years of IB, which was tough, and I suffered so much, and now I can finally be free from it. Still, I fear the unfamiliar I’m facing next at life in college, and how to deal with different kinds of people.

My plan for this summer is to widen my views, read lots of books, watch lots of movies, and I’m now planning places I want to visit! Since I want to be an artist in future, it’s important for me to know all different kinds of things from a global view.

I have stayed in Beijing for eleven years, and have spent the same length of time at BIBA. I was the first batch of students who applied to BIBA while it was first established in 2006. The school has been developing rapidly, like the speed of light. I remember the school was very small, and one building contained all of the students and staff. Unconsciously, I spent my carefree Elementary years and enriching and busy three years of High School here. Eleven years have passed, and I have witnessed the development of BIBA, and BIBA has also witnessed my growth. And now, I became part of the first graduating class of the school.

Since IB certified BIBA two years ago, we were the first group of students to experience the program, and many of our teachers were also new to the program. There were many problems, but this also made all of us bond together better than before. The different groups of courses have educated us in different areas of knowledge, but overall it taught us how to think independently, and to see this world in a more global view.

The experience as first group of IB students in the school made the two years even tougher, and time management was the strength I lacked. At the beginning, quite a lot of times I was unable to submit assessments on time. Gradually, I become better at planning myself to make sure I can finish the assessments on time. Although the two years of IB were hard, I always have one day free per week just to let myself relax and stay away from the pressure, as this gives me more energy to keep on working the rest of the week.

Advice for fellow students: I want to say that the 11th Graders were very lucky, because the teachers have more experience with the program after teaching us. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, as the teachers are always there for you (and also your peers). Besides time management, keep healthy because it will be more stressful if you get sick.


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