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Congratulations to BIBA HS Graduate Alfio Lococo

June, 2017
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Alfio Lococo, High School graduate of Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA), will be attending the American University of Paris this fall. He will major in International and Comparative Politics, with Linguistics as a minor.

biba-hs-graduate-fioHonestly, adult life kicked in really quickly because of my decision to go to France for University. Life has mostly been consisting of me running around trying to make sure I have all of my documentation in order, getting visas, keeping track of payment deadlines etc. Not as much time to relax as I had initially expected, but it’s kept life interesting! Graduating from High School has definitely given me a lot more of the liberty that I was expecting, but also a lot of the responsibility that comes with it.

As for the summer, right now is primarily making sure that my visa processing goes smoothly, but as soon as that’s finished, I’m heading to Paris about a month before school starts. That will give me plenty of time to reboot and regain some energy, as well as giving me a chance to really familiarize myself with the city that I’m going to be living in for the next few years.

I’ve been at BIBA since 10th Grade, so around three years in total. I would have to say that the only word that can really capture my experience at BIBA is unique. Being the first graduating class there has presented me with challenges that I wouldn’t have faced elsewhere, but it also provided me with opportunities that would be unheard of in most other environments. My favorite example of this is my opportunity to MC our school’s Christmas concert that was hosted at the Great Hall of the People this past winter.

BIBA’s uniqueness lies in its environment. It’s a truly tight-knit community, where the teachers really care about their students, and take time to get to know each individual so that they can better assist their learning. It’s also a place where students can really explore their interests and take part in a number of activities in a way that wouldn’t be possible in another school.

I took IB over the last two years. Did I like IB? I’d say it had its moments. It’s a very difficult program, but also very rewarding. Surviving the IB program requires individuals to really take to heart some of the most important life skills, such as time management. For all the trouble it may have caused, it made me a better person after having completed it.

Enjoying High School life ultimately just came down to making sure that I made time for myself outside of my studies. Not saying no to events just because I was in IB. I took time to make sure that I pursued my interests, and de-stressed when needed. I was captain of the Varsity volleyball team, and lead guitarist in my band 9 lives. Those were definitely huge parts of my High School life over the last few years.

Time management is a skill that I’m still working on developing, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important skills that a student can have, especially if you’re trying to juggle deadlines like you do in IB!

Advice for fellow students: Don’t be afraid of being selfish from time to time. Saying no when you’re too loaded down with work. Saying yes when it’s an opportunity that you believe will help you grow or expand as a person. But most of all, making sure that, at the end of the day, you’re doing what you’re doing for YOU and no-one else, because life’s too short to live it for anyone else. 


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