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Congratulations to Aidi HS Graduate Li Zherui

June, 2017
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Li Zherui, High School graduate of Aidi School, will go to Melbourne University next year to study Actuarial Science in its business school. 

aidi-school-hs-graduate-e69d8ee593b2e7919eAfter all these years I spent in Aidi, the very first word I am looking for is “excitement.” The idea of ‘becoming a college student’ is, actually, quite intriguing and even reassuring. Yet my feeling is still a mixed, complicated one. The graduation ceremony will be in September, which means there are less than two months to go. It has been years since I met all my friends and teachers. There was a tremendous change taking place in me at the moment I stepped into High School. That change brought me the one thing I lack: confidence. With that I was able to achieve, to communicate and to interpret. So it is very hard to tell if I am ready to leave High School and to embrace something brand new.

Well, my priority this summer will definitely be the upcoming ATAR exam. As a WACE student in Aidi, one of our most important tests and missions is the final examination in November. I will be preparing for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and one oral exam. Since our textbooks are originally from Australia, the contents are closely based on the syllabus offered by WA. Thus, they become important resources. But there won’t be too much pressure, as a significant part of our scores in the final assessment comes from weekly projects, presentations and quizzes. All we need to focus on now is to stay calm and regularly finish our tasks. While using all my efforts and preparing, enough rest is also crucial, so by then I might also be enjoying the brand-new season of the English Premier League.

I have been attending Aidi School since 2012, so that’s five years in total. My experience at Aidi was life changing to me. The most important part of this was the opportunity Aidi School has offered me. I was once a person of extreme self-restraint and never dared to try anything new. But during my years at Aidi, I have gradually learnt how to stand on a stage without trembling and my eyes have become truly wide open. In fact, I even tried dancing, which was quite an impossible case. We had this dance regiment in Year 12, named “Swotty and Gamey”, namely, “the ones who work hard and play hard.”

One of the things that I was most proud of was my first experience in MUN (Model United Nations). It was the first year I came to this school, and I was told of a chance to attend the Harvard MUN conference. At that time I was a Year 7 student, and I was the delegate representing Vanuatu. “Vanuatu?” “What is that?” Those were my first reactions. Apparently, I had no idea how the MUN works and was not well prepared, but still, I grabbed my chance.

And like what I just mentioned, I joined in a dance regiment and learned to dance on large stages. The idea of gathering a group of young dancers came up when we were in Year 10. There were initially five members. The group expanded over the last two years, which is something we never expected at first. We are truly lucky that we received full support from our teachers, tutors and also parents.

Indeed, High School years are tough for all students. But I think the main problem is that we, being teenagers and young men, always feel as if we are in some sort of constraint. We seek freedom. What I do is to simply ignore the things that are bothering, annoying or troublesome and try my best to develop my own interests. I personally love electronic dance music, so as long as my time allows me to, I will spend time learning to produce and compose my own songs. The point is we need to find ourselves a real purpose to go for and start doing practical works.

Of course, time management is one of the keys to success. But most of the attempts to manage time are likely to be unsuccessful. The ones who rack their wits about making a perfect time schedule actually waste too much time. The one key word to me is efficiency. Efficiently finish your tasks and time will be on your side.

Advice for fellow students: Do not fear making choices; just remember to take your responsibility to deal with the choices you make. Good luck!


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