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Congratulations to Aidi HS Graduate Fu Kunrou

June, 2017
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Fu Kunrou, High School graduate of Aidi School, is going to Imperial College London to study material engineering.  

aidi-school-hs-graduate-e58285e59da4e69f94I have a sense of accomplishment, and feel slightly wistful as well.

Looking back to the time that I first entered Aidi School, the totally different teaching method shocked me. I felt kind of perplexed but shortly when I adapted myself to the new study environment at Aidi School and began to take A-Level exams step by step under the teachers’ guidance, my potential was gradually discovered and I started to set my targets and picture my future self in a top university. And now after two years’ hard work I am about to graduate. I feel so exhilarated and want to say many thanks to my dearest teachers: thank you for your patience, and I will miss you so much and I will miss my diligent study at Aidi.

After finishing everything about applications and visa, I would like to go on a trip to Japan with my classmate as a graduation trip. When I come back, as I just mentioned I prefer to join some lectures about material engineering, and go to the UK several weeks before the college begins.

I have been studying at Aidi School for about two years. When I first entered Aidi School, we were offered to decide which courses to take, I struggled between science and business, because at that moment I was familiar with science courses, and I would be glad to learn it deeper and more detailed, however I can not resist my curiosity of business courses. So I spent my first half of year in business class, before I eventually chose science. I believe no matter what I study, the knowledge I have learnt so far will show its value one day.

The infinity choice provided to the students is the most I like about my school. We have three sections of High School: Australian High School, British High School and American High School, which offer courses ranging from WACE, A-Level, AP, etc. In each section there are also different directions and courses to choose. I think it is really ‘customized’ education, and each student’s development is very well taken care of.

Speaking of the best memory, it must be a traditional activity in Aidi School called The Crown, which is a ceremony held at the end of each year with different themes. Students who attend this activity can not only experience traditional British etiquette, but also learn and understand the remarkable events that happened in British history as well as celebrities in British culture.

Aidi School has a really nice program. Although the courses are very difficult, the program makes us challenge ourselves. Besides, the knowledge we learn tends to be practical so that most things we learn can be utilized and for our future career. As a science student, I took subjects including chemistry, physics, mathematics, further math and economics. I am keen on physics because this subject involves a large amount of interesting theories such as quantum physics, waves, photons etc., and introduces a number of principles about modern technical machines – NMR, B scan, etc.

Honestly I also spent a period of time to adapt to my High School life because when I first entered my department I was negative about making friends and even communicating with classmates or teachers, which directly led to my poor academic performance and feeling of loneliness. Afterwards I understood that this kind of attitude never helped me, and I started to consider taking part in activities held by school, which not only made me more confident but also expanded my ‘social circle’. I would say that I definitely benefited each time when I attempted to join in campaign.

Time management is one of the most necessary skills in High School because you have lots of spare time for yourself. In order to achieve your target, knowing how to plan is very important.

Advice for fellow students: Draft a definite target as early as possible because a clear goal will not only stimulate one’s advantages but also help discover one’s potential. Setting up a clear target is very helpful, no matter long- term or short-term. Once you know what you want, you will not feel confused anymore and find a way to achieve. 


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