Circulation & Distibution

August 22nd, 2009

For each of the six issues within a year, 24,000 copies of LittleStar Magazine in Beijing and 24,000 copies of LittleStar Magazine in Shanghai are distributed to well-selected areas and points, where the expatriates congregate so as to ensure that all the expatriate families in Beijing (including Tianjin) and shanghai (including Suzhou/ Hangzhou/ Nanjing/ Wuxi) get access to our book. Moreover, we have built up strategic co-operations with relocation services, chain stores and expatriate community networks to better serve our readers that include parents, parents-to-be, teachers, students, and more.

Our target venues including:
* International schools and kindergartens
* Villas and international apartments close to the international schools
* Chinese schools with international division
* Embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce in Beijing and Shanghai
* International hospitals and clinics
* Community centres
* Airline offices and travel agencies
* Chain stores and supermarkets
* Foreign book stores
* Galleries
* Family-friendly restaurants, coffee shops.
* VIP mailing list
* Subscribers across China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou)

Note: The number of copies is continually increasing as move venues are developed, and and our subscribers monthly increase.