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Britannica Has an Eco-Friendly Start

December, 2013
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The recycling campaign at Britannica International School Shanghai (Britannica) has been an exciting experience for the whole school community.

britannica-eco-start“Eco Kids” is the name of the Extra-Curricular (ECA) group of students who take care of the use of resources and caring for the environment at Britannica. Eco Kids started in the first week of school with only ten primary students. They have become the driving force in making students, staff and community aware of the three R’s - Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

These students walked around the school and looked at things that needed to be done and started making posters and signs to make people more aware about helping the earth and consequently “Turn off the lights” and “Turn off the taps” notices are now placed throughout the school. They then decided that there needed to be a place in each classroom to put recycled goods and paper for reuse. Eagerly they painted (recycled) boxes green and every classroom and office has a recycle box. The school brought three large bins for recycling plastic, paper and aluminium cans. Then with the help of the logistics supervisor for the school, Alex Xue, they contacted a local man who collects recycled goods for a small fee. At that stage the recycling campaign was well under way and Eco Kids decided that families should be included in all efforts to keep the school environment and Shanghai clean. Letters were sent home to seek support and many families now regularly send in recyclable goods. Other members of the community including ayis, guards and kitchen staff have been encouraged to join their efforts with great results. Secondary students have become recycle monitors to help with the school-wide collection from classrooms each week and even suggested setting up an Eco Bank to keep a tab of money earned from recycled goods.

Year 6 teacher Ms Vyse involved her drama club in a special assembly on the 3R’s that was for the whole school and parents. It has been an amazing few months for the students, and for some who spoke only a little English, to hear them now proudly state the 3R’s – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle – is wonderful.


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