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Books - February 2009

March, 2009
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the road The Road Now a major motion picture, as they often say, The Road comes to us from the mind of Cormac McCarthy, author of No Country for Old Men, on which last year’s biggest Oscar winner was based. The Road is a powerful, emotional and all the same subtle tale of a father leading his young son across a devastated world following a cataclysm we only hear of in passing. Specifics are never given, at once adding to the allure and shifting the weight of the story towards the struggle to survive and remain human. No matter the odds, the two soldier on, with the nameless father ever-watchful and always guiding his son towards hope. Unbelievably readable, The Road is a must – and will have you in tears. Author: Corman McCarthy Publisher: Random House Ages: 12+
tyra banks Tyra Banks: From Supermodel to Role Model With more appearances than all of us have had breakfasts combined and her own successful TV show, Ms. Banks certainly qualifies as a role model for making it big in showbiz. And hey, that’s something many kids dream of, so here you go – in this book, all’s explained, chronicling Tyra’s rise to fame and shedding light on what made her the person she is today. Author: Anne E. Hill Publisher: Lerner Ages: 12-16
little sister Little Sister and the Month Brothers Illustrated to convey the themes of warmth and hope, this quick but impressive storybook is ideal for kids because it demonstrates the path to happiness is often paved with adventure. The main character is a girl burdened with nasty relatives who keep sending her on fool’s errands just as a blizzard hits. But instead of giving up, she overcomes. Don’t let us give it all away, pick up a copy of this reissue soon! Author: Beatrice Schenk De Regniers, Margot Tomes Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Ages: 4-10
barack obama Barack Obama: President for a New Era This may be an obvious pick in light of recent events, but President Obama’s story can indeed be a source of great inspiration. With his diverse background and quick rise to popular confidence, Barack Obama epitomizes much of what makes role models the pivotal guides they are. The book itself is very readable, and provides an in-depth overview of Mr. Obama’s quest for success and his constant tackling of a myriad challenges. Author: Marlene Tarq Brill Publisher: Lerner Ages: 12-18
model coach Model Coach Sports, especially team sports, are a great way for kids to bond and pick up social skills. Athletic activities also foster leadership and encourage youngsters in taking more responsibility for their welfare and that of others. In this guide, expert tips are imparted for the benefit of budding and pro coaches, and anyone else involved in kid sports. The aim of the publication at hand is a return to traditional values of coaching – building leadership, promoting good health and highlighting the incalculable importance of cooperation. Author: Daniel L. Sedor Publisher: iUniverse Ages: 15+
the will to stay with it The Will to Stay with It: Role Models of Determination This came out a while back, but comes highly recommended as an empowering classic. Dr. Klees brings together thirty five actual accounts of real people, each sharing with the reader a challenge they overcame, and just how they came by the strength to do so. Remember we were talking about the ox as a symbol of perseverance? Indeed, the ability to overcome and stick with what’s important to you is vital in both learning from role models and becoming one. Pick this book up for ample examples. Author: Emerson Klees Publisher: Friends of the Finger Lakes Ages: 15+


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