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Books – Sept 2009 - II

September, 2009
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A Taste for Red

What would you do if your sixth grade science teacher was your immortal enemy? Sixth grader, Stephanie Grimm, is a vampire. Well, at least she thinks she is. She likes to wear black, sleep under her bed, eats only red food and has unofficially changed her name to Svetlana. What further evidence could you need?

But when Svetlana encounters the hypnotic and terrible power of a real vampire, she is plummeted into a journey of self-discovery and bravery, with very surprising results.

This is not your typical vampire tale. Fun, very cleverly written, spooky but also hilarious, this fantastic junior fiction novel will have adults also sneaking a peek. Delightfully creepy.

Author: Lewis Harris
Publisher: Clarion Books
Ages: 8-12


Tales from Outer Suburbia

Shaun Tan may be well known for his illustrations, and this stunning book is certainly visually beautiful – packed with characters and doodles and many odd bits and pieces. But its collection of stories set in the Australian suburbs are just as alluring.

An illustrated collection of fantastical tales, this book will entrance all kids who love the unusual, the outlandish and the way magical and strange things can occur within the mundanity of everyday life.

The stories are short, packed with a marvelous sense of humor and are wonderfully far-fetched, such as the family who are give ballistic missiles to look after, and who proceed to decorate them with butterfly stencils.

If this exquisite artwork doesn’t inspire you, then the tales will certainly have you gasping for more.

Author: Shaun Tan
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Ages: 15-17

real food

Real Food for Healthy Kids

Have a ‘fussy’ eater in your family? Like many things in life, creating healthy eating habits needs a holistic approach and this book for finicky eaters just does that. 

The authors spent four years developing and testing recipes to create nourishing dishes for kids of all ages. Part cookbook, part party planner, nutrition guide and parenting guide, this book features more than 200 easy-to-make recipes including inspiring breakfast dishes, snacks and even party food. 

The authors have cleverly taste-tested each recipe on children and all have been analyzed by a nutritionist. A great way to keep the kids away from the drive-through.

Author: Tanya Wenman Steele and Tracey Seaman
Ages: Parents


Riley and the Sleeping Dragon 

What better way to explore the sights and scenes of Beijing than through the eyes of an intrepid explorer and his panda? High-spirited adventurer Riley, embarks on a search for the very elusive sleeping dragon of China after seeing the magnificent creature in a dream. Not only does he eventually find this dragon, he discovers the magical world of Beijing, showcased in a series of beautiful black and white photos of the capital.

Colourful illustrations, photographs of a real life toy plane and references to Beijing’s distinct lifestyle make for a unique multimedia book – a great way for local littlies and visitors alike to capture the essence of life in Beijing. 

Written by ex-Beijing expat, Tania McCartney, the books’ sequel – Riley and the Dancing Lion: A Journey Around Hong Kong – will be released in November 2009.

Author: Tania McCartney
Publisher: Tania McCartney Press
Ages: 0-8



Now a major motion picture, this sensationally spooky novel by award-winning author Neil Gaiman, quite literally opens the door to a brand new and very sinister world. 

When Coraline explores her family’s new apartment, she discovers a door that leads her into a distorted image of her own apartment, complete with counterfeit parents with buttons for eyes. When her button-eyed parents ask her to stay, Coraline decides she must go home, only to discover her real parents have been stolen by the button-eyed mother, along with the souls of other children.

Can Coraline rescue her family and the stolen children whilst battling the strange and grotesque world unfolding around her? Will good triumph over button-eyed evil? Read it and see.

Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Ages: 10-16

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