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Books – Spet 2008

September, 2008
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go long

Go Long!

In a story based on real-life events, Tiki and Ronde Barber are two kids trying to establish an early foothold in the world of American Football. But all their talent and promise are put in jeopardy when the school team goes through a restructuring phase, another perfect example of how kids are always subject to the whims of adult considerations. You’ll find this book a genuine gem, as it spends time with both its main kid protagonists and what it takes to make for a successful grown up later on.

Author: Tiki and Ronder Barber
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Ages: 6-12

yoga zoo

The Yoga Zoo Adventure: Anima Poses and Games for Little Kids

Yoga continues to be a popular lifestyle icon for urbanites, but what about the children? Can they benefit form relaxing workouts at home? Sure can, and this release illustrates it just fine via a connection to the animal kingdom. With funny images and very apt descriptions, a whole bunch of animals come in to help with getting kids to move and chill better. In fact, this isn’t just a workout guide, it doubles as a nature book, too.

Author: Helen Purperhart, van Amelsfort Barbara
Publisher: Hunter House
Ages: 3-8

stay fit

Stay Fit!: How You Can Get in Shape

Here’s an excellent overview of various exercise methods, including team sports and plenty of activities that can be easily achieved around the home and the neighborhood. Many of these are quite amusing, others challenging, and the presentation is a mix of funny drawings and authoritative photography. The medical aspects of workouts for children are also covered, as are the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. 

Author: Matt Doeden
Publisher: Lerner
Ages: 6-12

food and you

Food and You: Eating Right, Being Strong, and Feeling Great

Everyone and their cat all know, it’s not enough to exercise. You have to eat well, and as the opening images of this book demonstrate, an apple a day may indeed keep the doctor away. Written in a manner that directly addresses and appeals to children, rather than exclusively their parents, this guide offers valuable insights into the particular nutritional requirements of those ever-growing young ones. Inside you’ll find lots of great tips on how to ensure better health and more enjoyable, more meaningful results from any workout regimen. 

Author: Lynda Madison
Publisher: American Girl
Ages: 5-10

tae kwon do

Let’s Talk Tae Kwon Do

There’s always a whole lot of talk about karate, tai chi and judo, especially around Olympics time, but tae kwon do is also among the most popular forms of martial arts out there, and with this primer, you’ll likely understand why. And we are likewise beginning to realize that Korea’s contribution to martial arts may well be more kid-friendly, although this could be because of this very enlightening book! It covers basic moves, history of the art, reasons to take it up as a pastime and the main benefits, i.e discipline, fortitude and a better constitution. Pick it up. 

Author: Laine Falk
Publisher: Children’s Press
Ages: 5-10

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