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Books – Spet 2007

September, 2007
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super croc

Discovering SuperCroc

The first day of school doesn’t have to be a bore if you take the plunge and travel back in time. Millions of years, actually, to an epoch when monstrously large lizards roamed the earth and had each other for dinner. Not appetizing? Take a gander at this book, focused on one of the forgotten heroes of the lizard kingdom, the so-called super crocodile. In case you’re wondering, this guy was twice the size of an average school bus, and so makes for more interesting conversation than “name and hobbies, please”.

Author: Pamela Rushby
Publisher: National Geographic
Ages: 5-10

are you ready for school

Are You Ready for School?

Another chapter comes along just in time for the onset of academia in the hijinx of Cornelius P. Mud, that cute and cuddly young pig so many kids find a cool role model. He’s off to school, again, and we learn from his morning routine that, although education and responsibility count for much, they still leave plenty of room for having a good laugh. And laugh you and the kids will, for sure. Cornelius is a hoot, as always.

Author: Barney Saltzberg
Publisher: Candlewick
Ages: 2-6

max and mo

Max and Mo’s First Day at School

Replete with lovable fur and a desire to learn and make things, Max and Mo now take on the challenge of a new school, new friends and new teachers. As usual in their antics, they’re set on making the most of the process, as every chapter includes, in addition to memorable text and heart-warming illustrations, nice activities you can engage in with your children. We have to say among the books we reviewed this issue, Max and Mo is perhaps the most uplifting.

Authors: Patricia Lakin and Brian Floca
Publisher: Aladdin
Ages: 3-10

class bully

How to Stand Up to the Class Bully

Willemina has to adjust as well. She, too, has entered a new school, with its own universe of social ties and the inevitable scepter of a resident bully. In this case she’s known as Mean Irene, and Willemina must come to terms with her while realizing her own worth and sense of empowerment. Although a touchy subject, the authentically-drawn story told here is something most of us, and especially the kids, can easily relate to, and it’s all done very tastefully.

Author: Valerie Wilson Wesley
Publisher: Hyperion
Ages: 6-10

back to school

Back to School

Similar to the previous book, Back to School also has a young protagonist, nine year old Rachel Yoder, who is forced to deal with the attentions of a rather eccentric classmate, the sometimes-rough, sometimes-attractive Orlie. What makes this story a bit more unique is that it’s set in an Amish community, so not only do the young ‘uns get an insight into the social aspect of every school environment, they also take a peek into a culture and society not often depicted in the media.

Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
Publisher: Barbour
Ages: 8-12

where's my stuff

Where’s My Stuff?

Anyone who’s ever hung out with teens, or was one for that matter, knows that keeping them organized is a grueling task in the tradition of, say, climbing the Matterhorn or attaining faster than light travel. At any rate, this nifty guide comes in to rescue even the pluckiest scatterbrains with its set of excellent memory tricks, tips for keeping tabs on all your stuff and juggling school with every other activity young people these days cram into their schedules. Get it now!

Author: Samantha Moss
Publisher: Orange Avenue
Ages: 10-16

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