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Books – September 2009

August, 2009
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step fourth mallory

Step Fourth, Mallory!

The challenges of a new school year – our girl Mallory gets to know all about those when she goes back to class in the fourth grade. Sure, she’s got the coolest threads, all the gear, good friends and even a love interest, but as the semester starts, she finds it isn’t all that easy. New kids at school, a new teacher to get to know and all kinds of other hurdles are in her way – but it’s in surmounting challenges that the real education lies.

Author: Laurie Friedman
Publisher: Lerner
Ages: 8-12


Constance and the Great Escape

The Constance series has garnered a lot of praise during its publication run, not least because its main character, Constance, is so cute and fetching. This time her parents have her start the new school year at a boarding school – for wayward children! Naturally, that’s not her kind of place. She can’t wait to get out and get away from all the naughty kids there. Her plan? Be good. If it’s a school for bad kids, then being good is the ticket out, correct? Trust you us, there’s a huge lesson in this one. 

Author: Pierre Le Gall
Publisher: Sterling
Ages: 6-10

tom joyner

Tom Joyner Presents How to Prepare for College

What’s so special about this book is that it successfully covers everybody interested in getting ready for higher education, parents and kids. Not only that, but the approach is lighthearted yet factual, encouraging parents to start planning when their children are in grade school, and giving advice to students on what to keep in mind for the best results. There’s also guidance for saving towards a college education, understanding standardized tests, admission tips and much more. 

Author: Thomas La Veist, Tom Joyner
Publisher: Amber Communications
Ages: grade school to adult

kevin goes to school

Kevin Goes to School

The excitement and hope of a new school year are always accompanied by trepidation, and for younger children of course there’s the fear of being away from parents and familiar places. Kevin is no exception – his school year starts with some anxiety as his mother waves goodbye and wishes him good luck, but he soon makes new friends and realizes that there’s so much fun and wonder awaiting at school, it’s really all for the best. 

We really recommend this cute read as a perfect means to sit down with the kids and alleviate much of that stress. 

Author: Liesbet Slegers
Publisher: Clavis
Ages: 4-6

back to school mini plays

Back to School Mini Plays for Beginning Readers

Aimed at first graders, this collection of 20 plays is easy to get into and helps parents offer guidance to kids as a means to easing them into school. Skills such as making new friends, concentrating in class, getting used to rules and controlling emotions are covered. We had a good time with this book and think you will too – the best thing about it, it’s so accessible, not only parents can act as guides, but also older siblings, who can relate it to their own recent experiences. 

Author: Deborah Schecter
Publisher: Scholastic
Ages: 6-8

anxious test taker's

The Anxious Test Taker’s Guide to Cracking Any Test

And that’s any standardized test, not just ACT, SAT, TOEFL or any of the other major and well known ones. The skills imparted in this book by a panel of Princeton Review experts can help with the jitters almost any high schooler feels when contemplating the specter of tests – based on decades of experience, they reveal tricks for better memorization, ingesting knowledge, prioritizing study time and of course the most important fact of all – that tests are for the benefit of students, not the other way around. 

Author: Princeton Review
Publisher: Princeton Review
Ages: 15-18

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