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Books – Nov 2009

October, 2009
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can you count ten toes

Can You Count Ten Toes? Count to 10 in 10 Different Languages

When we learn a new language, whether we’re three or 103, one of the first items we tackle is numbers. Can You Count Ten Toes? is a great introduction to new languages for children, including French, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian – even Zulu and Hindi. The book features numerals and number names in their original languages, both in transliteration and phonetically. Bright illustrations show ten objects in each picture to be counted and a map at the end of the book shows language locations around the world.

Author: Lezlie Evans
Publisher: Sandpiper
Ages: 4-8

animals speak

Animals Speak

In Animals Speak, we discover that even animals speak different languages – and in this case, 41 different languages including Afrikaans, Farsi and Romany. Each page of this multilingual picture book shows children that animal ‘sounds’ change depending on where you live in the world. In English, a donkey may say HEE-HAW but in Slovenian, he says IAA.
Bold, simple illustrations compliment this clever introduction to the disparity in languages, and the endpapers feature pronunciation guides for the 41 featured languages. Instructive and entertaining.

Author: Lila Prap
Publisher: North-South/Night Sky Books
Ages: 2-6

 first thousand words english

First Thousand Words

This classic in the Usborne series of language books features English, however Usborne have covered 13 languages in this series including French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. An eye-fest of fabulous illustrations help children better retain languages by making word recognition lots of fun. All objects and characters are labelled in English and each scene is designed to help readers learn or enrich their vocabulary quickly. Most importantly, each busy scene also offers many verbs instead of only nouns. The fun way to fast language uptake.

Author: Heather Amery
Publisher: Usborne
Ages: 2-8

bilingual songs english mandarin

Bilingual Songs: English-Mandarin Chinese

Not strictly a book, but rather a book/CD combination, this fabulous audio kit features fun songs in both English and Mandarin. It also teaches the alphabet in English and Pinyin, counting, colours, food, days of the week, months, parts of the body and other vital vocabulary additions. As singing makes for excellent language retention, this system can also be used by older students and even adults. Grab a mic – everyone can sing along karaoke-style and master language basics at the same time.

Author: Theresa Xu
Publisher: Sara Jordan Publishing
Ages: 3-10

the first 100 chinese characters simplified

First 100 Chinese Characters by, Simplified

Probably one of the greatest challenges facing Mandarin students is the mastery of Chinese characters. This concise book adopts a structural approach that helps students quickly master the basics. Intended for beginners, the book contains carefully sequenced characters, shown separately on each page with pinyin romanization, a stroke-order guide and ample writing space. Two indexes – one by English and one by pinyin, make for quick and easy referencing and blank boxes provide space for loads of effective practise.

Author: Alison Matthews
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Ages: 6-12

the vocabulary book

The Vocabulary Book: Learning & Instruction

Part of the Language and Literacy Series, this book is a one-stop resource for vocabulary-building in children of all ages. Designed to effectively provide instruction for children from kindergarten through high school, reading specialists, teachers and parents alike will find these practical and clear techniques invaluable. Written by one of the top literary experts in the field, the book provides instruction in rich and varied language experiences, as well as teaching individual words, word learning strategies and fostering word consciousness.

Author: Michael F. Graves
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Ages: 6-12

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    Thank you for the great review of “Bilingual Songs: English-Mandarin”. We are very proud of our titles, but it’s so wonderful to see that other people are starting to notice them too. All the best, Sara Jordan, Sara Jordan Publishing

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