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Books - May 2007

May, 2007
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The Night Before Summer Camp

Being away from home and family has the protagonist of this cute story completely nervous as he embarks on his first summer camp. Most likely a lot of Little Stars will be in this very same situation in the coming summer, and so it’s very reassuring that the book focuses on all the fun and joy to be had in seasonal activities. Above all else, the main message here is that friendship can arise in the most surprising circumstances and will see us through even the most unfamiliar predicaments.

Author: Natasha Wing
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 3-10


Step by Step Crafts for Summer

So now you have a few months of summer to fill with excellent activities, and the more inspiration, the better. Step by Step Crafts seeks to enlighten and instruct readers in the art of keeping busy while having a good time. Colorful and brimming with cheer, the book showcases all kinds of neat stuff tailored to young children and their parents, and promises to help you make the most of all that free time. The diverse range of tools it puts forth is quite surprising, and has something for everyone interested in homemade arts and crafts.

Author: Kathy Ross
Publisher: Boyds Mills
Ages: 4-10


Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy

Where to go on vacation this year? No problem: Rainspell Island! Under the custody of Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy, the place makes Club Med pale in comparison. Alas, notorious Christmas meanie Jack Frost has absconded with Joy’s magic, and now the island is on the brink of utter boredom. Good thing two vacationers, Rachel and Kristy, are on hand to help Joy bring back her powers of magical summer sparkle. The story empowers kids and teaches the importance of taking positive action, showing that having fun is by no means a passive persuasion.

Author: Daisy Meadows
Publisher: Scholastic
Ages: 4-10


My Almost Epic Summer

For the slightly more mature readership, this book recounts the hijinx of Irene, a would-be hairstyling superemo down on her luck in LA and spending what was supposed to be a glorious summer doing the inglorious work of a babysitter. That’s until she hooks up with gorgeous lifeguard Starla, who’s extremely busy mega-babe social calendar causes the previously naive Irene to reconsider her priorities. Through these events, we learn about what really counts in making a person whole, and just as importantly, a good summer break. And the cover is apparently waterproof!

Author: Adele Griffin
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 12-15


Lawn Boy

Summer can’t seriously be complete without a summer job. Here we have a testimonial from one twelve year old riding along on his grandma’s ancient lawn mower. Not only does this volume bring to mind the oh-so appropriate scent of freshly cut grass, but it also offers an insight into getting your own enterprise going. As the main character of the story soon learns, there’s lessons to be had in life from almost anyone you meet, and indeed one of his customers soon becomes a mentor of sorts, but is the lesson learned here a good one? Read and decide for yourself.

Author: Gary Paulsen
Publisher: Random House
Ages: 8-12


Someone Like Summer

Straight from the headlines, ME Kerr’s latest release touches on many controversial and pertinents topics, not least of which are the war on terror and illegal immigration in the the US. There are two main characters, both young adults, who must face everything the world has to throw their way. One is a young girl from an upper class family, the other an underprivileged teenage son of immigrants from Colombia. This Romeo and Juliet premise has the couple hanging on to love and compassion in the face of an overwhelmingly suspecting and somewhat hostile environment. Higly recommended!

Author: M.E Kerr
Publisher: Harper Collins

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