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Books – March 2007

March, 2007
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Cracking the AP English Composition Exam, 2006-2007 Edition
This guide from the Princeton Review prepares students for college entry with strategies and tips based on the organization’s long-standing tradition of education excellence. Although designed primarily for US students, the book has lots of insider information necessary for those interested in admission to North American universities and can help with any English proficiency test. Two complete sample tests are included and all exam questions are of the same format found in the real thing.
Author: Richard Hartzell
Publisher: Random House
Ages: Teen


Cambridge Grammar for IELTS
An equivalent of the TOEFL system, IELTS is required in many localities where British English is the norm. The Cambridge Grammar series focuses on listening, reading and grammar modules replete with extensive grammatical guidelines that every aspiring student will find valuable.
Author: Diane Hopkins et al
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Ages: Teen


ACT Essay Practice: Write Here, Write Now!
Both in book form and online, this powerful tool sets the stage for competent essay writing with a whole plethora of practice tests, instant scoring and customized feedback for each test-taker. Test essays get detailed comments based on the knowledge base of celebrated educators, and there’s also heaps of help on the technicalities of the test, as in how to sign up for it, where to apply and so on.
Author: Learning Experience
Publisher: LearningExpress
Ages: Teen


America’s Best Value Colleges, 2008 Edition
It’s one thing wanting to go to college and something else entirely paying for it. Well, here we have before us a guide to American schools that offers quality education for tuition rates that won’t completely drain your bank accounts. The guide describes each college in detail, explains why it can be a good choice, and then goes on to detail the application process, including highlights of possible financial aid and other means of need-based support for prospective students.
Author: Princeton Review
Publisher: Princeton Review
Ages: Parents and Teens


It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Trying to get into a dream school can take a toll on even the sturdiest personalities as Craig Gilner finds out in this true-to-life story of amibtion and rude awakenings. Young Gilner’s experiences at a lucrative New York prep-school teach him lessons not readily found in the classroom as he understands there’s more to success than test scores. Face to face with the stress involves in academic performance, he goes through an adventure of development and growth liable to enlighten even the most single-minded book worm in the lecture hall.
Author: Ned Vizzini
Publisher: Hyperion
Ages: Teen


Secret Society Girl: An Ivy League Novel
In a tale breaking with tradition, Secret Society Girl features a female protagonist mysteriously admitted to one of the country’s most covert secret college fraternities. This leads to countless experiences for the young heroine as she traverses a world previously unknown to her, much like many new college kids have to progress along the path to graduation. The novel represents the author’s debut and relies strongly on her own personal memories and experiences as a student in an Ivy League institution.
Author: Diana Peterfreund
Publisher: Dell
Ages: Teen

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