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Books – June 2008

June, 2008
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Mermaids on Parade

Welcome to Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade – and to a brand new summer. This little book is gorgeous, challenging readers to find the main character, who’s dressed like a mermaid, among the happy people of the island. As they go through the parade and all the fun activities that are involved, their hope for the coming year is also revealed to us. A real summer gem!

Author: Melanie Hope Greenberg
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 2-6

call me hope

Call Me Hope

Hope isn’t just a sentiment, it’s a cool name as well. And the main character here is Hope Elliott, a young girl faced with a mother who doesn’t understand her. But true to her name, Hope doesn’t give up, she forges close ties with friendly, caring people around her, gets to learn much about life, and realizes that there’s always something good to look forward to. 

Author: Gretchen Olson
Publisher: Little Brown Books
Ages: 6-12

friskative dog

Friskative Dog

If you must have one and only one really touching book to read with the kids this summer, get this one. It’s about a plush toy that comes to life and becomes a girl’s true friend when her father goes missing. As she faces the sadness and fear of wondering what happened to her dad, the Friskative Dog he gave her before shows the way and reveals to her the kinder side of things. 

Author: Susan Straight
Publisher: Random House
Ages: 6-12

would you

Would You

The cover for this teen page turner speaks of blue, summer heat and having a good time, but the characters must cope with so much more after one of them, a high school graduate looking forward to college, suffers a serious accident. So what was supposed to be just another summer becomes a test of courage and unity, and guess what, hope is once more key.

Author: Marthe Jocelyn
Publisher: Random House
Ages: 12-16


Caillou: Let’s Go to the Beach

The easiest place to maintain a positive outlook is the beach while on vacation, and before you pack your bags and head out the door, don’t forget this simply illustrated and wonderfully descriptive adventure. TV series star Caillou is the kid on the cover, and he’s at the beach, doing what children usually do on the beach. So we get tons of useful vocabulary young readers can learn and actually pinpoint and identify when they get to the beach themselves. The fountain of hope must surely be knowledge!

Author: Pierre Brignaud
Publisher: Chouette
Ages: 2-5


Molly the Goldfish Fairy

Part of the celebrated Rainbow Magic series, Goldfish Fairy is another touching story for summer. Mind you, it’s not depressing or anything, but full of a sense of mission, as we join a group of young fairies whose responsibility is to find loving homes for animals in need. Jack Frost, that venerable winter character, is also in here, but he’s up to no good, so take a break from your fun-filled summer and see how the intrepid ladies of Fairyland handle the situation. It’s all gentle and loving, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Author: Daisy Meadows
Publisher: Scholastic
Ages: 4-10

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