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Books – June 2006

June, 2006
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Paper Fashions: Design Your Own Styles

Cutout clothing doesn’t sound like the most appetizing prospect, but from the editors of kid coolness uber-site Klutz it comes across as a brilliant idea. Paper Fashions features a plethora of designs and combinations for children to experiment with and just for the excellent quality involved mustn’t be missed. There’s extra utility, too, since you can use these clippings in greeting cards and other handy places as well.

Author: Klutz editorial staff
Publisher: Klutz
Ages: 7-12


My Scene: Magnetic Fashions

This one comes in a handy plastic box that contains not only a book for reading , but also a situational dress-up game replete with accessories as per needed. My Scene dolls bring their own magnetic wardrobe and the kids get to play contextual fashionista according to the prescribed plot. A bit hedonistic but riddled with lessons for life. This edition features Barbie characters courtesy of Mattel for that evergreen touch of fame.

Author: Mark Anthony
Publisher: Reader’s Digest
Ages: 3-9


Fashion Apparel, Accessories & Home Furnishings

Now we’re getting serious. Although colorful and shiny, this volume will be of great value for more mature readers with an interest in making fashion an occupation later on, as materials, techniques, professional terminology in addition to trends are explained succinctly but authoritatively. It also touches on interior design for a more comprehensive outlook.

Author: Jay and Ellen Diamond
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Ages: Teen


The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Very heartfelt tale about a boy, Rick, who finds mingling at school a challenge in view of society’s strict code of hip conduct. Luckily, he has the amazing ability to grow beautiful flowers from his body. This catches the attention of gorgeous classmate Angelina, who sees in oddball Rick the unique kid others gloss over. Read it!

Author: Jen Wojtowicz and Steve Adams
Publisher: Barefoot Books
Ages: 5-10


There Is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me

Beauty is more than skin deep in this eloquent fable centered around appreciation of all things attractive, from fantastic, shimmering images to poetry you won’t quickly forget. An amalgamation of natural and spiritual imagery, the short but sweet book provides a feast for thought in a product infinitely more gentle than most of its contemporaries.

Author: Alice Walker and Stefano Vitale
Publisher: Harper Collins
Ages: 3-9

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