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Books – July 2007

July, 2007
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The Bus Stop

Each and every one of us must get on a bus for the first time, and in the case of this book, a school bus. But as scary as that may be, buses represent the chance to venture out and end up somewhere new and interesting. The brightly illustrated story shows a group of kindergarteners on their inaugural school bus trip and the fun they have along the way, with catchy rhymes and a smooth ride throughout.

Author: Janet Morgan
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 3-6


Barfing in the Backseat

Doesn’t sound very appetizing but this Hank Zipzer adventure, the twelfth in the series so far, deals with the ultimate summer experience: the road trip. Use the story for inspiration as you get to hit the road yourself and learn what our hero Hank does when in a car with his often oddball relatives and pets. Obviously trying to hold on to his lunch! Which shouldn’t be hard as the plot is summer-cool and as tight as they come.

Author: Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 8-12


Ancient Rome

Fun has its place but now’s the time to sit down and learn a thing or two. Summer 2007 is shaping up to be a Roman Empire comeback, with a movie and a new educational tome by Rome expert Mike Corbishley. His latest release is a meticulously researched, beautifully designed book rich in detail, facts and vivid illustrations that leap out of the page to ensure young readers realize what made ancient Rome so important then and now.

Author: Mike Corbishley
Publisher: Chelsea House
Ages: 8-12


When Mommy Travels 

This is one of those storybooks that grab you immediately upon gazing at the emotional cover illustration. It carries on in a similar vein exploring the contents, which describe a mother’s trip and what the family experiences as a consequence of her adventures. A feel good story for young children, When Mommy Travels is accompanied by When Daddy Travels (sold separately), and both cover the same topic from two different angles. Get these and rediscover the sentimental side of travel. 

Author: Harriet Ziefert, Emily Bolam
Publisher: Sterling
Ages: 3-8



Journey out to blizzard-stricken Transylvania and zoom in on the epic battle between good and evil as a pack of wolves make a stand against a force bent on world domination. There’s lots of suspense, action and moral undertones at play here, which is probably why this classic has finally been reprinted as a mass market paperback accessible to all young readers of English. At its best, Sight is a simply unforgettable tale of courage, loyalty and love. 

Author: David Clement-Davies
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 10-15


Travels with My Family

The complete opposite of luxury vacationing, the family seen here will make readers appreciate their own time off this summer while realizing the importance of staying together. For no matter how annoying the destination or the car ride getting there, our protagonists stick with each other and make the most of whatever time they have to spend as a family, for good and bad. Make sure to get this message across as you read the book with children: it’s really that palpable.

Author: David Homel
Publisher: Groundwood 
Ages: 6-12

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