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Books – Feb 2008

February, 2008
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teen millionaire

Prepare to be a Teen Millionaire 

There’s no better way to start a new year than to get ready for a prosperous future, and this huge book promises to provide an insight into the makings of young entrepreneurs and the tools they need to become successes early in life. At over 300 pages, Teen Millionaire gives adult business guidebooks a serious run for their money, explaining funding, market forces and dozens of other concepts vital in understanding the dynamics of modern economies.

Authors: Tom Spinks, Kimberly Spinks-Burleson, Kimberly Spinks Burleson
Publisher: Health Communications
Age: 12-18

cool careers

Cool Careers without College for Film and Television Buffs

For anyone who loves the magic of movies, television and audiovisual storytelling, this guide is an essential purchase, as it delivers a concise but comprehensive look at the inner complexities of the industry, detailing the skills needed and the various types of jobs available to people even before they complete their university education. Some very good ideas lurk inside, and you’d be surprised at the fun you can have while making some money during summer break! 

Author: Melanie Ann Apel
Publisher: Rosen
Age: 8-15


Oil Rig Roughneck

The oil industry has been getting negative press for decades now, and indeed it’s true that the impact fossil fuel burning has on our world hasn’t been fully realized yet. However, all of us enjoy the benefits of oil usage, and this book would like everyone to acknowledge the efforts and dedication of so-called oil rig roughnecks, the courageous and often downright foolhardy people who live in the middle of stormy seas, working hard to keep global economies and technology charging ahead full steam.

Author: Geoffrey M. Horn
Publisher: Gareth Stevens
Ages: 6-12

teen success

Teen Success!: Ideas to Move Your Mind

Building a foundation for success is the job of all parents, and every little bit helps. This book sheds much needed light on thought development and the practice of brainstorming – quite literally. It’s packed with good, useful tips on discussion, idea-generation, mental exercise and a host of crucial attributes that your kids will need if they choose business as a path: confidence, time management, reading, communication and more.

Author: Beatrice J. Elye 
Publisher: Great Potential
Age: 12-18

loved a rat

There Was a Man Who Loved a Rat: And Other Vile Little Poems

Perhaps before we talk about success it’s important to teach the little ones about embracing the world. For without affection to those around us, what is the point of being successful at all? Philosophy aside, this neat book of poems and limericks by a mother and daughter team describes the relationships between people and various animals, largely in an offbeat way and frequently featuring animals most people don’t consider really likable – such as the all important rat! 

Authors: Gerda Rovetch, Lissa Rovetch
Publisher: Penguin
Age: 4-8



Just one look at the lovable cover image and you’ll want this book. It’s a real case of a picture saying it all, and the text inside, which comes in a compact and highly readable style, links with our business and success themes because it espouses understanding as pivotal in doing well in life. While many consider rats and mice a nuisance or even worse, the author seeks to explain them, their lives and motivations. This is the moral of our story: understanding leads the way to better, greater things. 

Author: Matthew Rayner 
Publisher: Gareth Stevens
Age: 6-10

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