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Books – Dec 2010

December, 2010
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The True Gift: A Christmas Story

Messages of love, caring, and giving are reflected in this story of Lily and her younger brother Liam, who take an annual trip to their grandparents’ farm for Christmas. This year, they bring along books to read and plans on doing Christmas shopping at the local general store. While at the farm, Liam notices that his grandparents’ White Cow seems very lonely. He and Lily embark on journey to do something about it, showing how tenderness and care can transform…

Author: Patricia Maclachlan

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Ages: 7 and up


A Child’s Christmas in Wales

The lyrical language in this volume describing a traditional Welsh Christmas is a treat for those who appreciate a look at Christmas being celebrated in another culture and another time. The book’s short vignettes describe the memories of receiving gifts, time spent walking with friends, gathering with family, eating meals, meeting the postman, and more. 

Author: Dylan Thomas

Publisher: Holiday House

Ages: 8 and up


The Seven Days of Kwanzaa

Young readers will enjoy this very simple introduction to the African-American holiday of Kwanzaa. The text in the book can be sung to the familiar tune of the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The book explains how gifts are collected over the seven days of the Kwanzaa holiday, with explanations on the meaning of the seven principles and its importance.

Author: Melrose Cooper

Publisher: Scholastic

Ages: 4 and up


The Very First Christmas

The story surrounding Jesus’ birth is told as a bedtime tale by a mother to her 8-year old son. The author uses archaeology and history to prove the trustworthiness of the Bible’s nativity story. In following chapters, Maier analyzes the nativity through the lenses of economics, law, literature, geography and even meteorology. The book also provides rich detail of life in and around Palestine during the days of Christ’s birth.

Author: Paul L. Maier

Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

Ages: 4 and up

The Snowman's Song

The Snowman’s Song

This is a touching, beautifully illustrated tale of a little snowman who prays and yearns to have a voice with which to sing Christmas carols, just like human children are able to do. In this world, snowpeople communicate by sensing thoughts and feelings that travel as ice in the winter air. None of them have a voice. However, a red cardinal and a young girl come into the life of this particular snowman and there is suddenly hope of realizing his dream… 

Author: Marilee Joy Mayfield

Publisher: Leaping Antelope Productions

Ages: 7 and up

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