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Books – April 2008

April, 2008
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Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten

With a title like this the chuckles can’t bee too far away, nor the wide-eyed optimism that the expansive summer break heralds. This short and touchingly illustrated book teaches kids the value of looking back and reviewing times spent together, with its highlighting of all the fun moments a year can bring. It also does a good job explaining the importance of looking forward, and is therefore a very well-rounded publication.

Author: Joseph Slate, Ashley Wolff
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 3-6

permenent record

This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record

For a bit more mature audiences, Susannah Felts’ novel deals with the need for solitude and individual expression that many teenagers have, with protagonist Vaughn taking the summer off to concentrate on her hobbies. But naturally this doesn’t last and some drama finds its way into proceedings – for a most gripping read. 

Author: Susannah Felts
Publisher: Featherproof
Ages: 12-16

princess amy

Princess Amy and the Forgetting Dust

The Tiara Club at Ruby Mansions series typically revolves around kids discovering themselves and learning the ropes of character-building, with this chapter featuring Princes Amy. The young lass, although fretting over the upcoming prom and graduation ceremony, realizes that she can be someone else through inhaling magic dust that makes her forget her inhibitions. This may sound a bit risqué but trust us, the morale of the story is really, really empowering! 

Author: Vivian French
Publisher: HarperCollins 
Ages: 6-12


Swifter, Higher, Stronger: A Photographic History of the Summer Olympics

For a glossy, comprehensive look at the Olympics and everything they represent, search no further than this succinct guidebook. Reviewing past events and detailing the specs behind the upcoming Beijing sports fest, the book applies page after page of eye-popping photographs with the chrome-rich veneer everyone loves so much. There’s also a lot of statistics to get your head around, and overall this is a marvelous tribute to the global sporting spirit. 

Author: Sue Macy 
Publisher: National Geographic
Ages: 8-15


Carl’s Summer Vacation

Who’s Carl? Well, he’s one of those kids that are capable of getting more fun and adventure done in a day than most can fit into an entire summer season. Carl is also a cute dog, coming to life through absolutely gorgeous oil paintings that convey his summertime hijinx along with his sister and parents, all by a tranquil lake that’ll have you calling your travel agent in no time. 

Author: Alexandra Day
Publisher: Farrar, Strauss, Giroux
Ages: 4-8

viva pinata

Viva Pinata Ultimate Sticker Book

This one came out last fall actually, but as a highly colorful and entertaining assembly of wacky characters, it really only comes into its own during summer. And the kids will also have more time on their hands to get to know the various Viva Pinata icons included, with some 60 stickers that can be used several times. Familiar from the Xbox 360 game, Viva Pinata is an out and out fun franchise that shouldn’t be missed.

Authors: Michael Owen, Dan Caparo 
Publisher: DK
Ages: 5 +

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