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Books – Apr 2006

April, 2006
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Spring Fever! : A Petal Tab Book

For little tikes, as they’re often known, this one will be a pleasant way of introducing spring as a season heralding nature’s comeback. Short but sweet and full of funny rhyming, the book’s designed to appear like a flower, and contains numerous references to spring’s trademark features, like ladybugs.

Author: Salina Yoon
Publisher: Little Simon
Ages: Up to Preschool


Mouse’s First Spring

Continuing the authors’ comprehensive series of titles starring the sweetly-innocent Mouse, this volume introduces spring with intelligent illustrations and a story thread that has the wind fast-forwarding the tale along, as Mouse discovers what makes the season so unique. The conclusion will bring a smile and a tear to a mother’s eyes, and maybe they’d like to later on check Mouse’s other adventures, like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s.

Authors:  Lauren Thompson and Buket Erdogan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Ages: Up to Preschool


The Geography of Girlhood

Also touching on motherhood and its unbridled importance in a child’s life, the poem-driven book on hand here deals with troubled Penny, separated from her mother just as she’s beginning to grow towards young adulthood. A bit bleak nominally, Girlhood soon becomes enlightening and forward-thinking, with good prose in addition to several rather witty uses of geography.

Author: Kirsten Smith
Publisher: Little and Brown
Ages: 12-16


Can I Bring My Pterodactyl to School, Miss Johnson?

If you forgive the unfortunate Miss Johnson reference, here we have an excellent fantasy every kid can relate to. Who wouldn’t want to have a friendly dinosaur go to school with them? Illustrated effectively, Pterodactyl has protagonists live out a variety of grade school situations anyone can relate to, only with a zesty twist. Recommended!

Authors: Lois G. Grambling and Judith Dufour Love
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Ages: 4-10


Small Steps

Exemplifying the essence of growing, Small Steps focuses on Armpit, the reluctant protagonist from Sachar’s 1998 release Holes. But even if you didn’t read the previous volume, Small Steps helps get a grip on reality by way of solid characters and a storyline full of romance, sadness, triumph and regeneration.

Author: Louis Sachar
Publisher: Delacorte
Ages: 10-15

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