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Books – Spet 2006

September, 2006
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Write Away! – 140 Writing Prompts for Grades 4-6

Putting thoughts and images onto paper or file defines us as beings of intellect, so what better to teach young learners than the time-honored skills of writing and composition.
The prompts involve topics both familiar from life, like memories or vacations, and those new to most kids, encouraged to come up with their own haikus and limericks. Writing tips, stylization and techniques for long-term retention round up this must-have classic book, even if it trains the competition.

Author: Arnold Cheyney
Publisher: Good Year Books
Ages: 10-15


Eats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!

Lynne Truss cut her teeth doing grammar and writing aids for adults, now bringing the same flair for the benefit of Those that Grow. Using several rib-tickling examples to showcase how even a lowly comma can cause confusion when absent, Truss provides priceless guidance for those keen on mastering English writing from an early age.
With delightful illustrations that instruct and make laughing like a lunatic at the sight of perplexed pandas normal, Truss and Co must be on your list. No really. Sorry: no, really.

Author: Lynne Truss
Publisher: Penguin
Ages: 5-12


I Wonder Why the Sun Rises and Other Questions about Time and Seasons

Grown ups on the receiving end of kid queries will worship authors behind this great mix of vivid illustrations and succinct, yet enlightening knowledge. Having perused it extensively and found the tome helpful in warding off inquisitive munchkins, we recommend I Wonder wholeheartedly.
Covering subjects like science, natural events, weather, life and the animal world, the book applies cartoons and eye-grabbing graphics to get the point across like the best of teachers.

Author: Barbara Taylor and Brenda Walpole
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Ages:  4-10 and some parents, too


Birthday Cake is No Ordinary Cake

Feel-good in spades to ease transition into another schoolyear’s what you need, and Cake’s here for the rescue. Based on a series designed for newborns (On the Day You Were Born), the cheerful educational tool ventures around the solar system, following Mother Earth along her journey around the Sun, gathering ingredients for the grandest birthday pastry ever. Positive messages on the environment and life in these troubled days qualify Cake, but with clear presentation and information, it’s made even more precious.

Author: Debra Frasier
Publisher: Harcourt
Ages: 3-10


A-List: American Beauty

We’ve featured the A-List posse previously in our autumn 2005 issue, and now they’re back, with sassy plots and lots of appeal the more conservative may not necessarily approve of.
Nonetheless, excellent writing, potent situations and diverse characters make this a treasure trove for soap opera fans. Besides, being the cool trendsetters and imminent high-school grads, A-Listers are known for prowess in inspiring others by sheer peer pressure. Take notes, everyone.

Author: Zoey Dean
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Ages: 12-18


Ugly Fish

There’s always a bigger fish, we all know that, except the titular swimmer had to find out about this truth after a gastric visit into his larger and nastier friend Shiny Fish. And herein lies the moral of the story. Spoiler? Not at all, for Ugly Fish relies on sharp humor and truly astounding illustrations to impart valuable tips for life. It’s a constructive, cautionary tale on the dangers of vanity, greed and sel-FISH behavior. Sorry, couldn’t help that.

Author: Kara LaReau
Publisher: Harcourt
Ages: 3-10

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