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BMCA Officially Opens in Beijing

September, 2018
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Nearly 300 participants including students, parents and faculty staff convened for a grand ceremony on Sept. 2 to celebrate the official opening of Beijing Ming Cheng Academy (BMCA). The school aims to foster students who grow into internationally minded talents with particular accomplishments in science, the arts and humanism.

The debut ceremony was held at BMCA’s garden-like campus located at Crab Island, a famed recreational park in Beijing, where all participants witnessed the formal inauguration of the school as it welcomed its first group of students in K1 to Grade 10 after nearly two and a half years of preparation.

Filled with excitement and pride, Ms. Ke Ling, BMCA Head of School, gave a speech after a solemn ritual of national flag raising that began the ceremony.

“Today marks an important page in BMCA’s history as we welcome our first batch of students on board,” said Ms. Ke. “This is just a beginning as we will follow our motto to cultivate student self-awareness and enhance quality education through continuous efforts to create a multicultural learning environment. We adopt the essence of Chinese and Western cultures, integrate the top education resources in the world, fully respect each student’s individuality, and nurture international-mindedness, teamwork and critical thinking,” she said.

The school’s foreign Principal James Francis Mckinnon echoed Ke’s speech, noting that BMCA will provide a quality education environment and curriculum that combines domestic and foreign programs to cater to the varied ages and needs of students.

“We are committed to creating a self-cognitive environment for students, cultivating their humanity and spirit of inquiry, which will lead them on an artistic and scientific journey,” he said. “If you work diligently at Ming Cheng, you can soar like an eagle anywhere in the world.”

0j7a5846A special part of the ceremony was the introduction of BMCA’s logo, followed by the presentation of school badges to all students. The design of the logo has four symbolic characters including a Chinese dragon, a book, Kunlun Mountain and a laurel tree in the shape of a shield that represents solid integration of Chinese culture, diligent study, unfailing spirit and honor. The shield is surrounded by laurel leaves with a crown on top, indicating the glory and success the school hopes its students will pursue in their lives.

“We hope that our students are life-long learners who can apply their acquired knowledge in practice. We hope they are fearless climbers who will strive for their ambitious goals,” said Yuan Sugang, secretary of BMCA management.

Wearing his new badge, student representative Zhang Zilin from Grade 10 spoke to the audience about the reasons he chose BMCA for high school.

“Firstly, I want to grasp English, which is crucial to my dream to explore the wonderful world,” said Zhang. “Secondly, receiving an international education will broaden my horizons and cultivate my spirit. The last, yet the most important, reason is that I can make up for my past mistakes and shortcomings because students here are not only judged by scores,” he said. “Teachers here will evaluate students on a comprehensive basis to make sure no talented student will be missed or deprived of the opportunity to grow.”

0j7a6200With confidence to establish itself as a school nurturing students to have an integrated personality, BMCA attaches great importance to the cultivation of literal and artistic appreciation that is somehow misplaced or neglected in the ordinary education system in the single-minded pursuit of academic performance. The school adopts a different enrollment policy with a focus on respecting student desires for quality education instead of using rigid selection criteria.

“No selection of students should be the quintessential nature of real international education because selecting students by certain criteria is less fair and disrespectful to students,” said Shang Jinhua, Chinese Academic Principal of BMCA. “Of course, we will conduct evaluations of student learning just to determine the proper match between curriculum and capabilities. It is not selecting just academically strong students.”

Under its motto of cultivating self-awareness and enhancing quality education, BMCA has developed a complete curriculum by integrating the world’s top education resources and adopting the essence of Chinese and Western cultures to improve the core competitiveness of students through its self-developed science and art courses.

At BMCA, the Kindergarten curriculum aims to develop a unique personality, good habits of learning and healthy lifestyle in children aged between 2.5 and 5 years old through nine divided modules. The Primary and Middle School to Grade 8 uses the Chinese national curriculum and the American common core standard curriculum, particularly with adoption of the Singapore version of MPH math (Primary School) and Math Matters (Middle School), to build a solid foundation for the SAT and AP courses in Grades 9-12. BMCA’s High School provides students between G9-G12 with three colleges, namely Banff College, Yellow Stone College and Lake Königssee College, to meet the needs of compulsory international high school courses, honors courses, AP courses and SAT.

The school also strives to provide the students with quality facilities across its 40,000 square meter facility. In addition to 29 standard classrooms, BMCA has 18 piano studio classrooms as the school has put piano into its compulsory curriculum. The prime location of the school in a recreational park allows students to easily access a safety education museum, golf range, tennis court, horse-riding track, grass-gliding field, karting, a mini zoo and water park.

“We welcomed our first batch of students today,” said Jin excitedly. “By the time they graduate, we hope the students will ultimately become people with strong personal integrity and humanistic compassion along with strong academic results, confident of adapting to the future.”


By Tan Rui,

LittleStar Magazine


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