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BISS Hosts Successful Career Awareness Week

March, 2013
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During the week of March 4 to 9, Beijing BISS International hosted its annual Career Awareness Week for grade 9, 10 and 11 students. The purpose of Career Awareness Week is to expose the students to a wide variety of jobs and careers that they may not have previously considered or come across. Also the week gives them experience of going to "work" each day instead of coming to school and how the routines and responsibilities are different.

On Monday, grade 9, 10 and 11 students got to meet with representatives from different professions, including a Child Psychiatrist, Art Therapist, Director of Migrant Children’s Foundations, Music Producer, Lawyer, Hotel Manager/Chef, and Financial Adviser. At each session with these guest speakers, BISS students got to learn about the different career paths and asked questions of their concerns and of course received advice on their own future career plans.

Ugur Talayhan was one of the most popular speakers on the day, with his amazing life experience from being a teen chef in the kitchen working his way through cooking competitions and through the ranks at hotels in Istanbul and London to become the Hotel Manager of St. Regis Beijing.

“Have you goals and have your dreams, work towards your dream. A job is 40 hours and a career is 80 hours. If you want a successful career, you need to work hard!”

This year BISS has encouraged more of the students to find their own "work places." This has also helped them to develop skills of interviewing and approaching prospective employers.

The students could choose to "work" on their own at their parents’ company or somewhere else. Each student has a teacher supervisor from BISS who they check in with on a daily basis. The students also have their own Wiki spaces E-portfolios where they have a Career Awareness Week section. A reflection of the work experience and also the workshops they attended will be posted on their Wikis.

BISS Grade 10 student Daishi wants to be an assistant to a math teacher, so he got a job opportunity to work in the classroom with 4th graders at BISS. The challenge for him was to create a quiz about conversion. “I came up with some ideas so it was really fun and I’ve got friends from grade 4 so I was really glad to spend time with them for 4 days.”

As well as the week of Career Awareness, BISS students will also complete a Career Interest Survey and find out their own strengths, weaknesses and tendencies towards careers or jobs that they may be well suited for. They have opportunities to research these careers starting in Grade 9 and this is re-visited a number of times throughout their High School years until they graduate at the end of Grade 12.


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