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BCIS ECC Is Officially Certified with LEED for Schools to Gold Standard

March, 2016
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On 24 February, The BCIS Early Childhood Center received its official certification proving their newest outstanding accolade, a LEED for Schools Certification to Gold Standard from the US Green Building Council (USGBC) at a ceremony held at school.

0j7a3904In attendance was the BCIS Educational Leadership Team (ELT), Chairman of the YueCheng Education Board of Trustees, Chen Lixiang, other members of the school community and two very important special guests. A group of Kindergarten students worked as hosts of the event, as well as offering two singing performances.

The LEED Consultant, Ms. Li presented the official LEED certificate to BCIS and shared her thoughts on how significant it was for a school to be awarded with LEED certification. “After all, the cultivating grounds for future generations, and so where better to achieve LEED status than at a place that will inspire the young to work for the betterment of the environment and benefit of the whole world?” she said.

The BCIS ECC is, in fact, the first confirmed pre-school in Beijing to successfully apply for and receive this prestigious industry honor. According to new data released by the USGBC, there are no more than 10 schools across China current vying to achieve the same LEED certification.

Situated by Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD), the BCIS ECC is one of the largest and state-of-the-art international school facilities in Beijing. This innovative and eco-friendly building has been constructed with a floor space of 20,125 square meters, covering four aboveground and two belowground stories. Each classroom, play area, corridor and every other corner has been meticulously customized to suit younger learners. Wherever they are in the building, they will continually make new discoveries, and enjoy great wonder.

In its efforts to adhere to the stringent LEED criteria, the BCIS ECC is run and supported by the most cutting-edge air conditioning control systems, high-efficiency lighting, and reinforced thermal insulation within its structure. These features allow energy consumption to minimize, allowing for a reduction, as much as 18 percent compared to if they were not installed. The Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) is applied in such areas as the green rooftop gardens, effective water-saving facilities, heat recovery systems from exhaust air, the installation of CO2 sensors and more.

The BCIS mission is to challenge and empower students to be compassionate and inspired people, who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world. The school values the academic achievement and cultivation of confidence, whilst attaching significant importance to making students keen on social/environmental responsibility.

During the ECC’s construction, it stuck rigidly to LEED guidelines on remaining eco-friendly by adopting a variety of green, energy-saving and sustainable approaches to building.

The “tenants” of this new building are BCIS students from ages 2 to 6 years. The need for the cleanest possible air, therefore, is absolutely paramount, and we do everything to ensure that the indoor Air Quality Index (AQI) is at 10 percent of outdoor AQI. To meet this requirement, BCIS has its primary air filtration systems, composed of primary efficiency filtration, electrostatic filtration and nanometer-standard purification systems with air ducts. These have been installed in every air intake unit across the whole building. At the same time, CO2 sensors are deployed to help save energy through monitoring CO2 levels and adjusting air intake as needed to maximize efficiency in both summer and winter. Commonly used larger spaces such as the Gymnasium, Indoor Play Area and the Theater are monitored especially carefully to ensure that the air intake remains both economical and eco-friendly in terms of energy usage.

Various other sensors are installed in each of the classrooms, common areas, visual arts classroom, the Staff Lounge, as well as corridors and the lobby/reception to control lighting output, which can contribute to savings of up to 53 percent on energy bills. In addition, the reinforced thermal/insulation structure contributes to up to 60 percent greater efficiency in heat exchange, in turn contributing some 17 percent in energy reduction.

Low flux and highly efficient water saving equipment used cuts down water consumption dramatically without compromising on adequate provision. When compared to many typical office buildings, the ECC can expect to reduce water consumption by as much as 41.86 percent.

Space for trees and greenery in Beijing is limited, and BCIS believes that adding more green areas is a critical part leading to the sustainable development of the city. In light of this, the ECC design and creation team added the unique Rooftop Garden to its campus, increasing open and leisure spaces, and adding “grassland” coverage.

Given that this project was undertaken to provide for learners in their earliest years, the issue of noise control has also been one of great importance. Materials whose Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is more than 0.7 have been used in the wall and ceiling structures. This ensures that background noise from facilities, certain equipment and systems never exceeds 45 Decibels, with indoor reverberations controlled within 1.5 seconds.

An ideal learning environment like BCIS will allow the faculty to be more absorbed in teaching, and the students to feel empowered and inspired to fulfill their full potential. BCIS hopes that this certification inspires other schools and organizations to pursue good eco-friendly practice, and to work hard to demonstrate our shared commitment to the environment.




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