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AVENIR Business Competition at BCIS

May, 2017
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The first Avenir Business Competition held at Beijing City International School was a huge success!

A group of four Grade 11 students attended a business competition last year and found the experience fairly disappointing. Upon their return, they all had a common thought: they could do better. The Avenir team – Diana Dong, Frank Zhao, Julia Dai and Yuchen Sun – spent this year putting in the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to pull together a competitive business competition of magnificent proportions. Some 17 schools, 122 students, and 39 teams from Beijing and Tianjin initially applied for the competition, but only 10 schools, 63 students, and 19 teams made it to the competition round. The school was positively swimming with young business savvy.

bcis-avenir-business-competition-2017-1What did these teams have to do? Each team came to the first day with a well-developed business idea and pitch. Their ideas ranged from dining to tech startups, with each one more creative than the last. Over two days, the teams were put through a rigorous schedule of presenting to small incubator groups, getting individual feedback from mentors, working together to improve their pitches, and attending intensive workshops on entrepreneurship.

However, the crown jewel of the competition was the final presentation, where teams had to present their seven-minute pitch to a theater full of their parents, teachers, mentors, and fellow competitors, as well as a tough panel of judges who could give the Sharks of Shark Tank a run for their money.

Nonetheless, the teams faced the difficulty with grace and diligence, proposing incredible products, apps, and services that wowed the mentors and students alike.

Finally, it was time for the awards ceremony. Two teams from Beijing and one team from Tianjin took the Avenir Awards, at 10,000 RMB, 5,000 RMB and 2,000 RMB respectively. First place went to team “TOrganize” consisting of four members from Tianjin whose team dynamic was unparalleled, and their presentation utterly thorough. All in all, the Avenir team should be commended for their creation of a platform that gave students the chance to really embrace their entrepreneurial spirit in such in an inspirational way.



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