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APOCALYPSE 2012? (Complementary Prize - Under 9 years)

March, 2013
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The ancient Mayans of Mexico predicted that the sun will explode and the world as we know it would end on 22 December 2012. Some smart people even made a movie of what they thought were going to happen and made a pile. As it turns out, the world did NOT end. Here is what really happened on that fateful day… …


DATE: 20/12/2012 (BEIJING DATE)
One day, Max peered at the polluted sky of Beijing. It was winter, too cold for anyone’s standards. Snow floated outside. Today was like any day. But the next day, he woke up sweating. It felt like it was summer time. He looked out the window and he saw a big orange and red ball of burning fire flash through the cloudy sky. It was the sun, at least that is what he thought it was, spurting out flames, as if about to explode!
Max turned on the TV, needing to find out what was happening. He tuned to the news channel…. "Apparently, the sun has reached a stage where it is about to die out…"
Max was shocked. How can it can the world end like this? he thought. But the news reporter was not finished. "Scientists have revealed a top-secret experimental program called project Coronal Ejector which will allow us to jump-start the sun."
Max was relieved…"Scientists will send a probe containing project Coronal Ejector into space."
It will fire sonar waves to locate the precise location of the sun’s core and fire radioactive gas balls to replace the sun’s old core.
DATE: 20/12, 2012 (BEIJING DATE)
In Alaska research station, scientists launched the probe whilst everybody watched on television. Nobody knew launching this probe will change mankind forever.
DATE: 21/12/2012 (BEIJING DATE)
The pod floated into the void of space lit up only by the red glow of the sun. The pod exploded, releasing the Coronal Ejector. The whole world heard the thunderous roar of fiery nuclear balls being fired at the sun. The sun convulsed, enveloped in explosions while everybody cheered.
In the National Aeronautics and Space Association (In short for NASA) observatory in the US, a console was beeping."Captain, captain, one of our satellites detect project Coronal Ejector sending sonar signals in random directions!"
Captain X called the research center. "Hello, this is Alask—"said one of the scientists of the research center, being cut off in mid-sentence.
Bzzz….One of my controllers say that one of our satellites detect the Coronal Ejector malfunctioning. Find out what is happening out there. Is that clear?"
"Y-yes sir!" stammered the scientist.
Desperately jamming the consoles in an effort to stem the flow of the spraying sonar waves, the scientist digged into all his reserves of strength.
Smoke enveloped the control room as the instrument panel exploded….."Safe for now…” he thought.
DATE: 21/12/2012 (BEIJING DATE)
Alien lifeforms, in Dastardly Elimination and Death observatory (SHORT FOR D.E.A.D)RECEIVED THE SONAR WAVES FROM EARTH
"Beep,beep,beeeeeep?"(We received sonar signals from an unknown planet!) Shrieked an alien, radar beeping.
"Blop, beep, blooop!" (Another planet to burn and dominate!!!!!!)
Evil laughter filled the control room.
DATE: 22/12/2012 (BEIJING DATE)
It was another day on earth. Max was looking out the window; he was not in Beijing, but in the United States for a holiday. Suddenly, he heard such a tremendous explosion that for a moment he thought that heaven itself was dropping bombs on the world. He then looked down. He saw alien spaceships half-buried in the ground.
A nightmare became reality…..
Alien infantry unleashed from the spaceships were in fierce combat with US soldiers. Max and some other children were hiding behind a corner, watching the battle. Aliens with three eyes and 2 horns and their sonic blasters fired at the soldiers who were equipped with assault rifles. They tried to force each other back. What was the cause of this? Max thought. Can there be anything to stop this? In the sky, an F-15 and an alien spacecraft were twisting and turning in a elaborate or almost beautiful way, locked in combat, shooting and firing missiles at each other. They were both hit, spiraling down to the ground in a deadly fireball.
1 hour after the battle, Max wandered across the battlefield. In a dead general’s pocket, he read Intel that said, recon has identified that the alien HQ was located inside the biggest ship. In its control station there was a deactivation button for all the alien weapons. The idea : "Storm the alien HQ and press the deactivation button." Max stuffed the piece of Intel in his pocket with the alien HQ towering over him. He took a step forward and he stepped on something. It was a alien sonic handgun. He picked it up and entered the HQ.
DATE: 22/12/2012 (BEIJING DATE)
Max entered the HQ. The entrance was surprisingly unguarded. Max looked up. There were cameras everywhere. Max whipped out his handgun and blasted until every security camera was a smoking mess. He then snuck through corridors with guards prowling at every corner until he reached the leader’s office. He snuck through the open door and raised the handgun to shoot the deactivation button…. Just then,…the leader grabbed Max and raised his dilution-ionizing
Extreme destruction gun (short for D.I.E).  Max recovered and kicked him on his ugly face, grabbed the D.I.E gun and blasted the deactivation switch. All the alien weapons deactivated and a group of US commandos rushed in to the room and arrested the Alien criminals. 
So the world did not end. Everyday the birds sing as we go on our daily lives. The Sun continues to shine brightly….the future’s so bright we have to wear shades.
So the world did not end in the end. So everybody went back to what they were doing and as for the Coronal Ejector, did not make the sun less bright it just prevented it from exploding. But the world’s future is so bright! Now we need to wear shades…

BY Ryan Ho,
The British School of Beijing - Sanlitun


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