About LittleStar Magazine

October 20th, 2011

www.internationalschool.info is the official website for LittleStar Magazine, a bi-monthly, school-oriented publication that focuses on all aspects of life at international schools in Beijing, Shanghai and China at large. With in-depth stories, interesting features, up-to-date information and pictorials, LittleStar Magazine has, since its July 2005 launch, served the professional development of international schools as well as the educational needs of expatriate families who live and work in this country. cover-out   little star magazine-2-out  cover.indd  little star magazine-4.indd  cover.indd  littlestar--6--coverr.indd   littlestar--7--coverr.indd   little star magazine-9.indd littlestar--9--coverr.indd   little star magazine-10.indd

Our aim in launching LittleStar Magazine and the website is to help parents make informed choices and to get more actively involved in education, which we believe will benefit their children, the schools, and ultimately lead to high-quality teaching and learning.

With LittleStar you’ll be able to: * Choose the best school for your child LittleStar.ws helps parents find the best school for their children by providing comprehensive profiles of more than 100 international schools across China. Other parent-friendly features include school reviews, a powerful search tool and expert advice.

* Support your child’s education LittleStar has all the resources that can help you through all possible challenges as you guide your child from kindergarten through high school. Our personalized email newsletters provide school updates, up-coming events and seasonal advice on educational topics of interest to you and your children.

* Improve communication between schools, families and students LittleStar.ws sincerely welcomes students to submit writings, blogs, albums or join us in online surveys. The regular polls will collect different views on educational issues or social matters so as to broaden people’s insight. Moreover, LittleStar hosts inter-school events such as the LittleStar Greeting Cards Design Competition in 2005, LittleStar Environmental Poster Design Competition in 2006 and LittleStar Olympic Postcard Design Competition in 2007. Through participating in such events, people from different schools or areas get to make new friends and learn from each other.

We Shine with Schools!