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A Fast 2012 (Compementary Prize - 13-15 years)

March, 2013
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A Fast 2012

The sky is blue; the sun is blazing. One can see a small, green hill. On the hill, a tree, an oak perhaps. Hanging from a large branch, a swing. On the swing, a very frail girl, her blouse lifts up when the breeze comes and curls up in its folds. At the foot of the hill, a household is blurred by the heat of the sun.

The weather changes and the sun hides; it becomes more timid. The hill is sullen. On the hill, the tree loses its leaves whose colors have changed; they are yellow, red or orange. The swing is wet under this beating rain which does not prevent the girl from still swaying over and over. The latter is amusing in her large, yellow raincoat protecting her from the rain which is increasingly strong. At the foot of the hill, the household mopes about, laments and looks smaller from here.

The sun has gone away now and has ceded its place to a sky bleached by the clouds. The small hill now belongs to a white landscape which is softly covered by all the small flakes. On the hill, the tree is altogether stripped in spite of the icy cold. The swing has turned into a smiling snowman. Although he looks frigid, as long as it does not melt, the cloves will always act as a smile on his white face. The girl is looking through the window near the fire which burns while giving off through the chimney a gray smoke which gets lost gradually in the darkening sky.

It is quite late now. Even though the moon is very white and the sky very dark, the rain, shy, falls again. Discreetly, it helps the plants to grow, leaving the following day some dew on the flower petals and on the leaves of the tree, which gets dressed all in green. The hill has become nothing but a shadow in the darkness. The snowman has melted and the chimney does not smoke anymore. Only one gleam remains, coming from a small window on the first floor of the household. It is the small girl who writes her joys and fears to us; she opens her heart to us, to tell us these few words: If in one day you spend the year, do it with care, without forgetting sun and wind.


By Antoine Raffe,

LFS (Shanghai French School) Pudong


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