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3rd Prize Winner - Group I - The Two Best Friends

March, 2015
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The Two Best Friends

Our story takes place on a bitter cold day in winter in an orphanage with two best friends, Harry and Eva. It is 5:00pm dinner time, Eva ate up but is still hungry. Although Harry is rather hungry himself, he gives his food to Eva. Eva’s very thankful. A few minutes later, because Eva worked hard all day, she still would like some more. Harry wants to help her get some. Yet, when the evil master Mr. Dark notices Harry he shouts: “How dare you ask for more food!” At this point Eva stands up bravely to defend Harry: “Don’t blame him, he is doing it for me!” Mr. Dark, however, is not impressed and simply returns: “I don’t care!” Eva and Harry get really scared and run away from the orphanage.

Some days later, when Harry’s aunt Annie, who lives nearby, goes shopping, she accidentally sees Harry and Eva from far. She goes closer and asks calmly: “Isn’t that our little Harry?” “Is that you my aunt Annie?” replied Harry with similar surprise. “Of course it’s me. Come home and have a shower and we’ll dress you up nicely.” Aunt Annie comforted him. Harry was delighted and asked, “May Eva come with me? She’s my best friend.” “I don’t see why not.” said Harry’s aunt. “Yey!” both kids shouted happily.

When they all get home Aunt Annie offers the two runaways to take a shower and put on a warm pyjama. When Annie cooks, the kids play a game together. Suddenly, all lights go off, all doors are locked and the TV is switched on. “Ahhhh! I’m so scared! What is happening?” cried Eva. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be here for you.” Harry tries to calm his friend. He pretends to be brave although he’s actually also quite scared. Then there’s suddenly a strange loud noise “Whoosh!” and the two get sucked into the TV.

They land in a desert. Around them they see nothing but sand. Immediately, they panic “Where are we? How do we get out?” Still perplex about what happened they start walking. They walk and walk and walk. Eventually, they see a house right in the middle of the desert. Relieved and hopeful they run to the house. When they knock on the door an old man opens. “Excuse me, we are lost in the desert. May we come in?” asks Harry politely. “Yes, you may.” says the old man nicely. “Are you tired? Sit down and have a drink and tell me how I can help you.” he offered the children. “Hmm… Do you know where the exit is?” asked Harry hesitantly. “You’re lucky you came to Me.” the old man replied. “Only the Oracle and I know the exit from this world. But you will have to cross 100 jungles, 100 oceans and 100 deserts. Then, you’ll see a black hole at the end of this world. When you walk through the magic, gigantic door there you’ll be back in your old world.” He further continued: “But there is one more thing that you need to know. This world is like a safe box. It can only be opened from outside. When you came, the door opened for 12 hours only. So if you want to get back, so need to hurry to make it in time.”

Eva thanks the old man and the kids go.

In the first jungle they have to cross a big swamp and climb many trees. Suddenly a poisonous snake bites Eva. She faints, falls down and lies like dead in the grass. Harry lifts her up and carries her to find help. He comes to a lonely house in the jungle and knocks on its door. “Help! Help! My best friend needs help! Please let me in!” Harry shouts. A voice responds “Come in. I’m a doctor. I can help.” Harry enters the house and cries. “Do you know what illness she has?” he wants to know. “Well, put her on the x-ray machine and I’ll know.” the doctor replies. After a while the doctor says, “She got a poison bite. I cannot heal her. Only the oracle knows how to save her.” Harry bravely responds: “I must save her. Can I leave her here while I go to find the oracle?” The doctor agrees “Sure.”

Harry runs to the oracle as fast as he can. When he gets there the oracle speaks in a ghost-like voice: “I know you would come. I know what the medicine Eva needs. But, you only have time to do one thing: either go to the exit or save Eva.” Harry doesn’t hesitate and shouts: “Eva is my friend! I will save her!” So the oracle continues: “The medicine is three magical seeds. You will find them in the middle of the wonder forest on an old, large, powerful tree.” So runs to the wonder forest where he sees a unicorn “What are you doing young boy?” the unicorn wants to know. “Hello, do you know where the power tree is?” replies Harry nicely. “Yes, I do. Why don’t you just sit on my back and I’ll take you there?” the unicorn kindly offered. Then the unicorn runs to the power tree. Harry says thankfully “Thank you for your help and I’m really glad to be friend with you!” The unicorn runs away.

“Oh power tree, oh power tree,” Harry begged. “Please, please give me the magical seeds. I really need them to save my best friend Eva! Please!” Then, one branch of the tree comes down to Harry and gives the seeds to him. “Oh, thank you, thank you very much!” Then the unicorn comes and takes him back to Eva. Harry runs down to Eva with the seeds and played to let them grow. But nothing happens. Harry cries and cries, and cries. When his tears drop on the seeds something magical happens. The seeds start to fly in the air and turn into a beautiful flower. They hover to Eva’s chest and she wakes up. In this moment Harry understands that only true friendship tears have the power to let the flower grow. And the flower grows bigger and bigger until it is so big that Harry and Eva both can sit on it. The flow carries them very fast to the exit. But when they approach the magic door it starts to close and right before they reach it, boom, the door is closed! Eva and Harry are locked in. Eva starts to cry. As her first tear drops to the centre of the flower, it starts to shine. As the light shines brighter, the magic flower gets stronger and finally the door opens again.

They both wake up and Harry says: “I had a very weird dream.” Eva wants to know what it was about so Harry tells her about his dream and all the story that happened. “I had the same one,” said Eva happily. “We truly are the best friends! We even share the same dream.” But was it really a dream?

By Leopold Lind

Wellington College International Shanghai


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