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3rd Prize Winner - Group I - The Friendship Story

March, 2015
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The Friendship Story


This story is about Emma Ping. She is born in London and she is 11 years old. She has moved to a new school since her mom and dad got divorced. Her mom’s name is Sofia and she is a nurse. Her daddy’s name is Jonas and he is a fireman. Emma has no brothers or sisters. Her favorite sports are football and horseback riding. She does not have her own horse, but she would really like one.


The first day in the new school

It was a sunny day when Emma went to her new school. The name of the school was Power. She was so excited to come to school that day. The sky over the city was blue but over the school it was black. Emma asked a girl why the sky was black over the school, but she just walked away. Emma asked everybody in the school the same thing, but nobody answered. Ring, ring sounded the bell and Emma walked into the school and walked up to her new classroom. The name of her new teacher was miss Sarah Lam. She said hi Emma and presented her to her new classmates and asked Emma to present herself. She said hello my name is Emma.  I come from London. My old school name was WISS and I liked it very much. My teachers name was miss Mary and my favorite subject was literacy. It was 25 people in my class and my best friend that I loved the most of all was Saga. Saga and me we loved to play football together.

But no one was listing to her. Some were drawing pictures; some were reading, and some talking to each other. The only person interested was miss Sarah.

Emma whispers to herself “tomorrow I will try to get them to listen to me”. Ring, ring, time to go home. Emma walked home, slowly. When she came into her house her mom was in the kitchen preparing spaghetti and meatballs. “Mom today no one listen to me, it was the worst day of my life”. Her mom stopped cooking and looked at her. Really, I am so sorry about that. Emma continued “I wonder why the sky was black over the school”. Her mother started frying the meatballs and answered “Tomorrow I will go to school with you to see if the sky is black”.


The second day in the new school

Emma woke up at 7 AM the next morning. She jumped out of the bed and got dressed. Then she started to pack the school stuff. She filled her bag with pencils and books. Then she went down to eat her breakfast sandwich. Then she and her mother took their bikes to school to see if the sky still was black.

Emma it is not black said mom!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma pointed to the sky, look mum it is there!!!

No Emma, mum replied.

Emma did not want to argue with mum even though she was wrong why she admitted that mum was right.

Emma waved good bye to mum and went inside the school and into the playground. But when she sat down on a pillow feeling sad she noticed that somebody was already there.

 Emma said “Hello what is your name and when did you come school? I did not see you yesterday”

The girl replied “My name is Linnea and I had my first day at this school yesterday”

After a while Emma understood that Linnea also came from London but from another school, BISS. She also learned that they were in the same science class at the Power school but had not met yesterday. The girls came to talk about the strange black cloud over the school and decided that they should try to do something about it.

Ring, ring. It was time to go to the science class.


The magic in the Science class

They went to the science classroom and sat down by the table. Emma felt really good about making a friend. The teacher started by saying that they could do whatever they want in the class today as long as it is science.  Perfect Emma said to Linnea. Then we can make a magic juice so that everybody in school can be friends. Then maybe also the dark cloud will go away. They started by going to the room with all the chemicals. They picked as many as they could before returning to the table. They mixed everything together when the group beside them spilled out their mix and it landed in Emma and Linneas juice. Big bubbles came up and the whole classroom lit up. Then it became dark and silent. When everything when back to normal the juice bright yellow smelling like orange. Both Emma and Linneas felt sure that they had witnessed true magic.


Lunch time plan

The two friends were discussing how to give everybody in school the magic juice. Then Linnea got a bright idea. She suggested that they would sneak into the cafeteria and pour their juice into the orange juice served with the food. They agreed to do this and went to the cafeteria. While Linnea were distracting the persons working in the cafeteria, Emma poured the juice into the orange juice. Then they went to eat with the other kids. It took 1 minute then it said “BANG!!!” and suddenly everybody, except Emma and Linnea, fell asleep. After 50 minutes they were starting to wake up, the black cloud was gone, everyone was happy and friendly. If it was the juice or true friendship that took the cloud away we will never know.

The end

By Saga Leo

Western International School of Shanghai


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