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3rd Prize Winner - Group I - The Forbidden Underwater City

March, 2015
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The Forbidden Underwater City

The night before that day, I was starting to doubt whether this trip was really a smart decision. Tomorrow, I would be heading off to the dock, where I will board a submarine to the bottom of the sea. I’ve invited my BFF Jeffrey along, and he’s known me since we were in elementary school. He has always got ideas to bust people out of all situations, including getting stuck on a sinking ship with all the lifeboats gone. Still, my mind was drowned in a sea of worries as I dozed off……

I woke up with a start in the morning. “I’m awake!” I panted. Then I checked my watch. It was 8:30 in the morning. “And I’m late!!” I scrambled off my bed, scurried downstairs, and reached the dock before departure.

Jeffrey was waiting for me. “Dude, what were you doing? We’re leaving in exactly ten minutes!” With that, he sprinted to the sub, opened the hatch and climbed in. I followed. I took my place in the sub, and we dove into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

We were the only two people in the sub. I’ve been in subs before, but I was still nervous. Jeffrey, on the other hand, seemed very sure of himself as we went deeper and deeper into the ocean. “ So, Marco, I’ve been wondering, ” said Jeffrey. “ What is the goal of this trip?” “We-ell,” I responded, “ We’re here to uncover the treasures of Blackbeard. Legend says that his ship sank somewhere around here.” I grabbed a map and pointed at the location of the long lost city of Atlantis. “Atlantis, huh?” He got back to work. “ We are going to that sub for the night.” I told him. “Try and connect the two together.”

It took him some time, but we finally made it to the other sub. We piled our baggage on the beds, lowered the sub to the ocean floor, and within a few minutes, we were 100% unconscious.

“Good morning!” Jeffrey shouted heartily as I sat up. There were two steaming plates of pancakes on the table. I told Jeffrey that I will control the other sub while Jeffrey worked on this one. After we were done, we disconnected the subs and headed for Atlantis.

I was pretty smart to connect the subs with a radio system, because just a few seconds later, we started to go in opposite ways. “Dude, you’re going in the wrong way!” I slapped my forehead. “Oops,” replied Jeffrey. After that, we saw the spectacular city of Atlantis.

We were thrilled to explore the underwater town, but as we went deeper and deeper into the cluster of ancient Greek temples, we got serious and we drove the subs all around the place, still no sign of the sunken ship. Suddenly, I heard a strange sound. It sounded like a splash. I turned and saw that the sub has sprung a leak, and now the water was up to my ankles.

“Bad news, Marco,” Jeffrey said. “ My sub sprung a leak.” “ Get your diving suit. I’ll meet you outside.” With that, I dashed to the scuba diving suit, put it on, and leaped into the water. A second later, Jeffrey jumped out of the bottom of his sub. We watched in horror as the subs collided and exploded. “ Well, that goes our only chance to get home,” I said. I felt really, really bad for getting Jeffrey into this mess in the first place. But Jeffrey said, “ Don’t feel bad, if we work together we’ll figure how to survive. “ I could see the gears in his head turning. A while later, he came up with an idea. “ We will find that ship of Blackbeard’s on foot!” He declared. I agreed. Not that I was a lunatic or something, but I knew that it was the only way. We swam through the darkness. I could sense the oxygen level in my air tank getting lower and lower. “ Stop!” Jeffrey said. I saw a white sail in the distance.



“There it is!” I yelled. “ The ship!” I was so happy that I danced a little jig. “Right,” Jeffrey said firmly. “ Let’s go!” We swam toward the ship. I threw Jeffrey a flashlight. “ It’s dark inside,” I told him.

We swam around the ship, looking for a crack in the shipwreck. Finally, I found a hollow hole in the back of the ship. “ Ready?” Jeffrey asked. I nodded fearfully. He dragged into the ship.

I shone the flashlight around. Not a chance of finding a treasure in this darkness. But, I saw a faint glow to my left. I swam there, and saw something that really caught my eye. It was a trident, Poseidon’s trident. It was the treasure. “ Jeffrey!” I screamed. “ I found the treasure!!” A moment later, a face appeared. He looked, and his mouth dropped in surprise.

“Let’s wish for something,” I said. We raised the trident and yelled, “Trident, Help us reach the top of the ocean!” A miracle happened. A platform made of light appeared in front of me. I touched the light with my finger. It felt solid. I hoisted Jeffrey onto the light. The light turned into an elevator, and all the water leaked out. Then the light started to rise. We were saved! We hugged each other. A moment later, we reached the top of the ocean. The elevator carried us to the shore.

We made it! We were so exhausted and we fell asleep immediately. When I woke up, Jeffrey lifted me up. “Want to join me for some ice cream?” He smirked. I nodded. We took off to the city.

For once, I didn’t look back.


By Marco Xue

Yew Chung International School of Beijing


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