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WISS Announces Scholarship Program for Students

April, 2018
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Families, Homes and Occupations at Tiny Tots

April, 2018

SSIS Launches Chinese Collected Work Footprint

April, 2018
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Shanghai Singapore International School offers IBDP Scholarship

April, 2018
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1st Prize Winner (Group IV: 16-18 years) - Mrs. Loser

April, 2018
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Mrs. Loser
Stiletto heels on the tiled floor. Click-clack, click-clack to the front of the room.
A full class rustles with anticipation. Whispers flit through the room like bats in a cave.

Is she the new teacher?

What do we… 

What happened to…

I don’t know

She seems…
The class falls quiet like she’s pressed the [...]

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1st Prize Winner (Group III: 13-15 years) - A Lesson in Music Theory

April, 2018
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A Lesson in Music Theory
i. adagio: a slow tempo
There is a small piano shop at the end of the street, ordinary in every possible way except for the young piano man who sits by the window, playing some unheard melody. It is always there, yet quite easy to forget that it had ever existed.
They [...]

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1st Prize Winner (Group II: 10-12 years) - A Golden Lesson

April, 2018
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A Golden Lesson  
I opened my eyes, as the sunlight streamed through the curtains and slowly got out of bed. Today was to be the most significant day of my life – I was to leave for Australia with my brother Li to seek my fortune in the dark and dangerous mines of Ballarat, the gold-mining [...]

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1st Prize Winner (Group I: 9 years & under) - The Thinking Led by a Mosquito

April, 2018
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The Thinking Led by a Mosquito
2017, August 31st, Thursday, sunny
“Mooooooommm”, I whined:“Those stupid mosquitoes have bitten me again! This time it’s worse! I have almost thirty mosquito bites. My legs now look like the kind of disgusting radish rolls with strawberry jam on it that my grandma Anne makes.”
“Aww, you poor thing, I will go [...]

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A LESSON Story Competition Group II (10-12 yrs) Winners List

April, 2018
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “A LESSON”
GROUP II (10 - 12 years) WINNERS LIST

1st Prize Winner
A Golden Lesson by Hayley Graham_10_Yew Chung International School of Beijing
2nd Prize Winners
The First Lesson by Elena Jiang_12_Shanghai American School
Victims could be strong by Crystal Li_12_Concordia International School Shanghai
A Lesson About Determination by Amber [...]

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SSIS University Fair 2018

April, 2018
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Shanghai Concord Bilingual School Students’ Success in Competitions

April, 2018
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Chinese-French Youth Orchestra Visits HQIS

April, 2018
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Preschool 100th Day Event at Nanjing Echo-Forte International School

April, 2018
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Concordia Tri-M Cabaret Raises Support for Music Education at Special Suzhou School

April, 2018
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Montessori Education Week at MSS

April, 2018
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