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New Headmaster Brings New Hope

January, 2018
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A passionate sports lover, a devoted family man and a confident problem solver… That’s the impression one most likely will get from talking with Stephen Meier, the new Headmaster of Hope International School (HIS).
Meier grew up in Austria with missionary parents, lived across the US in college and for three Master’s level degrees. He taught [...]

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The Art of Art Education

January, 2018
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The great success of the LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition in 2017 has once again showcased the incredible artistic talents of nearly 1,000 students from 24 international schools across China who participated with beautiful and creative postcard designs based on the theme “A Green Future.”
The competition was jointly hosted by LittleStar Magazine and Beijing [...]

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Harrow Shanghai’s Remembrance Concert

January, 2018
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In the Name of Love

January, 2018
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International school students are mostly a privileged group. Born to financially robust families, they are blessed with access to everything they need, from the most basic accommodation to the fanciest products..
Yet these youngsters are learning, or have learnt, not to take all that they have for granted. In a world that is increasingly becoming a [...]

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