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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition 2016-2017

December, 2016
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition
Theme: HOME

Home is where your heart is.  

Home is home.
Where is your home?   

Home sweet home.
  Are you home?

Entry Requirements:
Short stories: 2,000 words maximum (no minimum); the title is not included in the word count.
Entries must [...]

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Daystar Academy to Debut in Sanlitun

December, 2016
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Healthy Communication with Your School

December, 2016
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At the heart of education is good communication. Communication is the key to any success in life, work and relationships. When it comes to your children’s education, you definitely want to be successful in your communications with their school. We live in a communication age where instantaneous access and 24/7 connectivity has become the new [...]

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Spooky Spirits Celebrate Halloween at BIBA

December, 2016
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Building a Safe Space for Understanding

December, 2016
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The Montessori classroom is a microcosm of the world outside of your child’s school walls. We create and give tools to your child so that they are prepared to make independent decisions as they grow older. Maria Montessori states, “the greatest sign of success for a teacher is to say, the children are now working [...]

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Halloween at Wellington College International Tianjin

December, 2016
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WellingTEN Encourage Inspiring Talks by Students

December, 2016
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