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2012: Full of Surprise (Complementary Prize - 16-18 years)

March, 2013
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2012: Full of Surprise

2012 for me is a revolution year. Because what? Many things happened and change my life. The big event is I move to Shanghai – China. Shanghai is an awesome city. But for me shanghai is make my life changes. For me move to shanghai is a disaster. I should leave my old school, my best friends, and my big family. I’m really sad leave many things in Indonesia. But I optimist everything will go to be fine. Then this is my school in Shanghai, Shanghai Singapore international school. From the name of my school, many my friends in Indonesia said to me like this “you move to shanghai, why you study in Singapore school. Even in Indonesia, is having a Singapore school “okay their right. But I don’t have any choice anymore. This is my life.

13th February 2012, First day school in new school in shanghai, which is not in my country. That is like a most weird thing ever. I remember in that morning, I went to school with the bus school. Cold and nervous, are mix into one. “Bye dad, wish today I’m okay “but I don’t know why, I can’t say it loud. I just can say it in my heart. Everybody look at me like I’m an alien. I know I’m different with them. But we are same, we are a human which is an international student in shanghai. What happened with me? Is something wrong with me?

Arrive at school, me and Dio, my brother, are forgot where our class. Okay, these just begin and we already did something “wrong”. Thanks God, the woman whose prepare our new stuff when we sign up to this school, coming? She shows us our class, which is the second time she shows us. No one in my class, 10 Ruby, in that time. This is confusing, where are they. “Hi, you are Marsha right? “ Oh I see, she is my music teacher and my form class teacher. After that, my new friends introduce them self. Leo, Henderson, Elman, Kenneth, Yu Chen, Alex, Elwin, and Vernetta. Many questions already show in my head. Why we are just 9 students in this class? And why the girl is just 2 students?  This is shock me. Vernetta told me that she is a new student too, she just come last year. In that time, the student already just 8 with her and she is the only girl in that class. Okay I get it, so this is it, my new life.

27th February 2012, I’m 16 years old now. One week before Ms Chan Chan, my form teacher, already told my class that today is my birthday. We will celebrate my birthday at lunch time, so each of us should bring something to eat and drink. I decided to bring a birthday cake. At lunch time, I don’t know where Ms Chan chan and the other are. So I decided to sit and have a lunch with my new near friends. My near new friends are Vernetta, Gracelyn, Ainsley, Shanese, and Spencer. In that time I just sit with Gracelyn and Spencer. I don’t know where the rest is. We just play with my camera and take a photo, also talk each other. A few moments later, I get a great surprise ever. Ainsley, Gracelyn, and Vernetta come from behind me bring a birthday cake with a candle on it. Then they are singing “happy birthday “song for me. I’m really surprise with what they have plan for me. We just know each other in a short time but they already do this for me. I’m really happy I have a great friend like them.

Then MS Chan Chan and my classmate coming and prepare all of the food they bring. Some of them bring a food which is typical food from their country. After that we sing another “happy birthday “song for me. This is just great because we have “small” party in that time together. These are the best birthday party ever in my life. I will never ever forget about this.

Honestly I have a big problem study in international school. That is a language barrier. My first language is Indonesia language. Also I learn English from I was child and I learn English for 1 year. From my experience learn the other language, should be I have no problem live and study in international school in china. But in fact I have a problem. I don’t know what happened, why I don’t understand every single thing when the teacher explains in the class. Not only that but also when I communicate with my friend. Almost the entire conversation, they don’t understand what I’m talking about. It’s really mean to me, because I feel confidence with my ability in English language. Also my Chinese, I look like a person whose never learn Chinese before. Because of this entire thing, I’m in the lowest class for Chinese and English subject. Is really making me desperate. What happened with me? Why I’m so brainless. So this is me, the distinct girl with her brainless. This is me this is my life.

It turns out that my parents speak to the performance teacher. Okay, I love theater. My parents know my interest with. One day, Dr Good, the performance teacher, talk to me. He said that I can join the ASP (after school program) for SSIS performers. What? What are SSIS performers?  With my condition that I don’t know what he is talking about, he just told me that coming in this Thursday. I get it what he is talking about. Oh, so I join a production of “wick’d of oz “drama musical. Shock? Yes of course. Because of what? This is musical. Okay I love acting but not for singing and dance. Also I love acting with Indonesian language. Not with English language. Lucky me I not get the main role in here. So I just try to do and enjoy it. Time goes by, we practice really hard for this performance. Act, remember the sing lyric, movement, until the costume. “How about for my head, what color? “One day I ask the teacher. “You have white? Wear white color “that what he said. I wish everything will go to be fine. Time is really fast. 30th and 31th of March 2012 are our day. Yes, we perform in front of hundred people at the auditorium on school. Nervous, scared, and worry mix into one feeling. Everything will be fine, everything will be fine, and everything will be fine. And yeah we do it. Audience was happy, teacher was proud of us, and my parents are moved. Thanks God for everything. I proud with myself.

9th until 13th April I join the excursion from my school. The theme of this event is” service to mankind” .To join that I have a problem. The cost is really expensive. And my parents should pay for my trip and my brother trip. They getting confused between I join it or my brother join it or both of us join it. My brother trip cost is more expensive than me. Finally, my parents decided to let me join this trip and my brother not join this trip. My roommate is vernetta. I hope everything will be fine. We are going to Anhui, one of province in China. “Who are the vegetarian?” of course I appoint hand. Honestly I’m not vegetarian, but is really hard to explain my real condition to other people. Finally after around 5 hour on the way Anhui, we arrive at hotel. As soon as I get the key room, I and vernetta go to the room.” Vern, I need to pray “. Regardless, I go to bathroom and “wudhu “. Wudhu is a preliminary before pray. Wudhu is like clean all the main part of the body with water. After I finish, me and vernetta have a little bit debated. I said to her that I’m okay with her in the room but she said she will waiting for me outside. Finally, she gives up and chooses to stay inside the room. It just takes 5 minute for me to pray. First dinner, is an incident which I never forget. “Marsha and Abdullah can you sit together? “Said our biology teacher. Abdullah is one of my friends who are the only one in the same religion with me. “So both of you, generally can’t eat pork, right? “Finally there is someone whose know our condition. And of course we both said yes. The teacher purpose us to is together is make him easier to tell us which food we can eat. Because we are in the Chinese buffet restaurant. The system is we just sit in the round table and waiting the waitress coming to serve the food. My teacher is really a great teacher, because every single food come to our table, he always come to our table and explain what the meet in the plate is. Poor we, almost all of the food are pork. Generally we just eat the vegetable, rice, and egg. More poor for us because every time to have breakfast, dinner, and lunch, we will be eat in the Chinese buffet restaurant. How great is it? Not only food, but also pray time is an incident event for me. Is become “great “when we go hiking and stay in a small hotel in the mountain. First I think I will one room is will be just 2 people like before. In fact, not at all. With a limited condition, the big room is for 12 people. I don’t mind with these conditions. The bad bathroom, bed, no heater or AC, and dirty. But what I’m thinking is how I can pry in front of them. “Hum guys I want to pray in here. Can I? “Finally I have courage to said this to them. With a confused face they just nodded their head. When I do my pray, they doing something which make me moved. “Hi guys be quite, Marsha is praying inside” or “sssssssttttt Marsha is pray” with a whisper sound. Even though they speak outside the room, I can barely hearing. How about inside the room? They really quite, not talking at all, and not move. When I finish, some of them are clap and some of them are asking to me about my pray. I never ask them to do that, but what they do for me is make me make a conclusion about them. We are not really near at school, we are not in the same religion, but their tolerations are really high to me. That’s make me moved. From all of them, one teacher is said to me “good job Marsha, you still do what the other people never thinking about that. Don’t forget to always pray okay? “Is really touched my heart and make me proud to myself. Thanks God, you give me an awesome “family “in here. 

2012, a new year, I decided to wear scarf. I know it will be weird because I will move to china. But I’m Muslim so I should do this. Before, I little bit regard for my decision, but now I proud to myself because what I’m doing is produce an awesome new experience for me. Thanks’ God for this grace. Thanks’ to year 2012 for an awesome year for me. I hope I can learn many new things next year. So this is it, me and my life.

By Marsha Neida Harini

Shanghai Singapore International School


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