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2012 (Complementary Prize - 10-12 years)

March, 2013
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300BC, Rome

A sudden blue flash and it was all over. A group of 30 armed people with guns from the year 2050 materialized on the ground of what would be, years later, the coliseum. One man stood in front of the whole group and addressed them. A bald man stood beside him. The bald man had a scar down his face. And, if that wasn’t frightening enough, he looked like he would happily kill his family, which he did. The man beside him had black scan-o-glasses and held a curious looking device in his hand. He pressed it, and the uniform he and his men were wearing flickered and disappeared. In their place, was a set of white robes. The man who pressed the button nodded at everyone, and with that motion, the entire group marched towards a tree, which glowed poison green. With a sudden flash, the group disappeared and melted into the shadows cast by the tree

2012AD, London.

London was covered by a blanket of rain. The sidewalk was covered by water, boots were thumping on the ground, people eagerly watching the Paralympics, and kids were streaming out of school. In other words, it was a normal rainy day.

Julius Walker sluggishly moved forward. He was 12 years old, with black hair and brown eyes. He isn’t very tall, but is the sort of people who would fit into the ‘nerd’ group in a school because he would rather dismantle a computer and fix it then talking to a person. He walked through dodgy alleys, and whilst passing this railroad, he felt a pair of rough hands, withered by age, grab him. He started, turned around, and saw a man, frail, and withered, clothed by a black simple raincoat. He calmly said a few words that would astonish many people.

“You and everyone else in this area around you will die by this train slipping on oil on the track, crushing you and everyone else near you to smithereens.

 You will die in…..”(He checked a weird wrist watch with emitted a hologram) “In 1 minute”

Julius was speechless. He was shocked. He tried to say something, but the words just died in his mouth. It was all he could do to say:


“You have two choices: Die or join me- and live. Oh, and don’t try to run, unless you want to die by being crushed by a truck. You have 30 seconds left. ”

“I…”  Julius tried to say

“20 seconds….”


“10 seconds”

“Yes, I…I consent…”

Suddenly, Julius fell down a dark void. Oh no. He thought. I was too late.

THUD. Julius fell on a soft pillow like mattress and then fainted.


2003, London 

He opened his eyes. He found himself on a bunk bed. He surveyed his surroundings. He was in a room, with slits of glass and outside was…..water? There was a desk, cobweb infested, and a cupboard. He opened it, and saw his things were inside. There was no wallpaper, only a steel wall. There was a fireplace, and it was not lit. There was a pair of hard, wooden chairs and a hard wooden table. There was a door leading out side. He opened it and saw a room filled with screens…..only that these were not normal screens. They were holograms. He saw a ‘to-do’ list. It said: 1) Rescue Julius Walker from train (2012)

             2) Save Hans Rant from hurricane (2024)

             3) Change T. Travelling machine generator.

And the list moved on, listing several other things. Julius tried to process what he was seeing.

Then a voice behind him said “Julius”

Julius started. He turned a round, and saw the same old man who saved him from that painful death that awaited him. And next to that man was a boy, about 11 years old, with brown hair and blue eyes. He also was pretty short.

“Julius” the man said. “Meet Hans Rant”

“Where…where am I?”

“Indeed, you are in London, 2003, under an unknown WWII bunker, changed to fit our needs”

Julius still was speechless. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be.

“So…. I am not dead?”

Silence, then the Old man laughed.

“Dead? No, you definitely aren’t dead. Looks like it is time for a lesson on time travel. R-321!” he called out. A robot dog raced into the room. Julius thought only one thing. R-321? Really?

The dog opened its mouth and a hologram was emitted. Pictures moved by and the robot dog said in a robotic voice.

“2043-First time machine made by Mr. Thomas Finnick. Finnick was reluctant to show his papers, but eventually had to give it out to the government. How to build a time machine: By Finnick , Now available in holobooks. Releasing…”

“R-321!” the old man said.”Irrelevant information! Switch to history of the group!”

“Yes sir. 2048- Mr. Finnick leaves Sir Wells responsibility of the Time Repairers- A group of people who save time in case something wrong happens. 2063-Major explosion kills-”

“Irrelevant information!” said the Old man. He then composed himself.

“Boys, my name is Mr. Roberts, or John Roberts ”


Rome, 300BC

The sun set down into the silhouette of the royal palace. The blades of grass ruffled, as if it knew something bad was going to happen. 30 troops marched up through these hills. If any Normans saw that they would laugh. Every Norman would know one thing: Never build your palace on low ground. There was no talking from the men above. They were trained to perfection. 15 plasma-cans were being targeted at the palace.


Silently, without making a sound, the plasma bursts ricocheted towards the palace. Even at the distance, it was almost heartbreaking to see the massive white columns go down. A legion of soldiers marched out and one squadron was charging up the hill. Bad choice. The squadron was reduced to ashes in seconds. Now, you must understand how it looked like to the Romans. They thought, some powerful, evil demons rose from the earth.

30 squadrons rose, and a centurion yelled Scutum Formationem (Shield Formation) and over a hundred shields were locked together. The bald man from before smiled. Foolish, dumb people. This is like some hologame where you shoot down running rabbits. In this case, running chickens. His finger rested on his trigger, and pressed down. All what were left of those squadrons was charred shields.

By the time the sun rose, the royal palace was left and crumbled to dust.


London, 2003 

“So,” said Julius. “Time Travel exists”

“Yep. It sure does.” said Hans.

“ Now, ” John Roberts said.

“ Back to business. Hans, you will go outside of this bunker. This bunker is in this invisible kind of bubble in time. Imagine time a flowing river. Now imagine there a bubble that stays straight in the middle of the river, going one way before suddenly popping back. This way, outside after two days, to you, it would go back to the first day. If something bad happens, you will be unaffected if you are inside the bunker. Hans, while you are outside, please pay out attention if you notice something different, report it to me. Remember, time travelling makes atom bombs like firecrackers. Wait-” John Roberts said. He waved his hand and pointed it at the fireplace. Suddenly the bunkers walls turned into a yellow-like wallpaper, but the wall kept changing the picture: First the leaning tower of Piza, then the Statue of Liberty, and then the Palace of Westminster, etc. The fire cackled, and kept changing color. The cobwebs disappeared and the bunker appeared completely new.

“How…….” Julius started to say.

“You should ask R-321” joked Hans.

They all shared a laugh at that.


Rome, 300BC

Out of the 30 people who came, only 12 survived. The man with the scan-o-glasses sighed. It was too much then he expected . Still, it would be more then enough to take down that man Aristotle. And He, James Werlt, would have the pleasure to kill him.

“Men!” He yelled. Everyone else around him started.”We are nearing our target. That Aristotle, he stands no chance. Start Marching!”

“ Yes, Captain!”

By the morning they arrived in front of Aristotle. The entire empire of Rome was under panic, people believed that the gods was going to destroy all mankind. Aristotle was teaching a class of  poets, whilst he was targeted by 12 people. In three minutes, the entire building crumbled to dust.


London, 2003 

“So, how is it in 2024?” Julius

“I don’t know how to describe it. Global Warming is s big issue, and tigers and Rhinoceros are extinct, along with a number of other animals” answered Hans. “ How is 2012?”

“ Well, let’s see….The Olympics have been held in London, and-”

But Julius never got to finish what he was saying, for he suddenly felt woozy, and Roberts appeared, face grim.

“What is it?” asked Hans and Julius.

“You’d better see” was the answer.

They opened the bunker door, and went outside.

“Oh.” Hans said.

London was a metropolis, with hovercrafts hovering every few metres.

“ Look on the computer, look at the history and see the bits which are not right.” Ordered Roberts.

Half a hour later, Julius looked up.

“It looks like it all starts in 300BC, Rome.” He said, grimly.

“I can’t believe I have to do this” muttered Julius, half a hour later.

“ Well, its only for a look-see” answered Hans.

“ Three seconds to be launched back in time…..two….one…..”           

Julius fell down  into the void. Oh no ,thought Julius. Not again.



Rome, 300BC

Julius tumbled down from the tree. He checked his equipment that Roberts had given him. His Infoscope was intact, and his invisible forcefield was fine. Julius hid beside some bushes. Suddenly a flash of blue light appeared. His Infoscope read the flash as a time portal, and the technology from the year 2050. The infoscope was reading : James Werlt, Responsible for Killing all the Members of the Time Repairers, except for Mr. John Roberts. 

Julius was speechless. So the Time Repairers Agency was only him, Hans, Mr. Roberts, and R-321. But then, the group of soldiers moved forward, straight into a tree which the Infoscope recorded as 2050 technology-Portal. And then, a reminder on his Infoscope-Go back to start position or else you are stuck here for 3 hours in 2 minutes. Julius ran, and went to the tree and the timer on his Infoscope read: 00:00:00:00:01 years to open portal. He swallowed,and  jumped into the tree. This time, it felt like he was soaring to a white area.


London, 2012 AD

Suddenly, Julius matearilized infront of Hans and Mr. Roberts.

“Wow. That was quick” said Mr. Roberts. Julius handed over the Infoscope and turned pale. “Oh no” he said ”Not him”

 After a agonizing 1 hour he decided what to do

“ Hans ” he decided. “ And Julius. I need you to go back in time and stop this man. I am afraid I cannot join you because it takes 1 person to control the systems and without a operator you cannot come back.”

Julius and Hans nodded mutely.

“ Oh, and I have some things that you might find useful ”

Half a hour later Julius and Hans went back in time.


Rome, 300BC

Julius and Hans collided against each other and fell on the ground.

“Ouch” Julius muttered, but then fell silent. They are 30 people. And we are one how are we going to make it?thought Julius. And then it struckt him. He and Hans spent the next half hour wiring up their trap, and then they started the trap. First, a pair of glowing lights were in the darkness, luring the people to it. When they got close enough, a forcefield binded them together and threw them into a portal. Finally, the boys went into the portal and went to the year 2003.


BY Yash Nair

The British School of Beijing


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