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Is Reading for Pleasure Important?

April, 2011
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For some cultures, reading for pleasure is a relatively new phenomenon. I was recently listening to a parent discuss how much their family is enjoying all the reading their child is doing in the primary grade. She shared that she really didn’t come from a reading culture, and was enjoying the process of creating a “love of [...]

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Summer Camps in Beijing 2011

April, 2011
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AEA (American Employees Association) Summer Camp
Ages: Children 4-12 years old
Dates: June 20 to August 5 
Where: Beijing City International School 
The AEA camp has been serving the Beijing Community for the past 13 years and is proud to offer safe, fun, and high-quality programs. The Camp staff is from the USA. Each week is a different theme with all activities [...]

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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2011

April, 2011
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Stars and Stripes American Kindergarten Summer Camp 2011

Ages: 3 to 6 years

Dates: July 4 – July 29 (4 full weeks) Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 3:15 PM

Where: Stars and Stripes American Kindergarten
There will be two classes of students: 2-3 years old class and 4-6 years old class. At the camp, children [...]

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SSIS Students Fundraising for Japan

April, 2011
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SRIS Y6 Hosts Sixties Day

April, 2011
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SSIS “Crystal Comes Alive” for 15th Anniversary

April, 2011
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Maths Madness hits Dulwich College Shanghai

April, 2011
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MSS Expands Leadership Team

April, 2011
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SSIS Holds a Moment of Silence for Japan Earthquake Victims

April, 2011
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Honoring the Child

April, 2011
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“A child, at birth, is a candidate for humanity; it cannot become human in isolation.” – Henri Pieron.
With every generation of children, we are given the opportunity to support the moral advancement of humanity. Children are born with a sense of wonder, exploring and learning all they can about their time, culture and place. As adults we [...]

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Leading Together

April, 2011
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Lisa Zhou, a Chinese mother of two, is the chairperson of her school’s parent association; a bilingual school with a strong international dimension. With the help of other parents, Zhou’s parent group has designed a logo for themselves that represents their approach to playing a leading role in their school’s culture. The logo features three [...]

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The True Meaning of Teaching

April, 2011
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“We can’t draw!” whined the fourth grade class at Liming School. That Tuesday, three other seniors and I found ourselves in the position of teachers. As members of the Liming Service Project, we teach English every week to local migrant school children to supplement the instruction they receive during the school day. That day’s lesson [...]

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Drum Solo performance by Maher at BCIS Idol 2011

April, 2011
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“Wish You Were Here” - DUET performance by Vinicius & Dong Ha

April, 2011
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“Yi Xiang Tian Kai, Liu Xing” - Instrumental performance by Kenju

April, 2011
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