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Moms, Teachers and Montessori

March, 2011
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Three mothers who are also teachers at the Montessori School of Shanghai share with us their choice of Montessori education for their children as a parent and also their decisions to be a Montessori teacher…

Teacher Carole:

I found out about Montessori when I took a job at a Montessori school in the US. I [...]

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Back to China: Home Is Where Heart Is

March, 2011
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“Many people have said that they’ve been to China and know what it’s like. But really, they don’t at all,” says James Andrews, a Canadian who moved to China in 2006. “More often than not, these people went to China and did the whole tourist “thing”. It’s entirely different when you choose to live in [...]

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YK Pao School Announces Opening of New Secondary School

March, 2011
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Developing Character through Family Games

March, 2011
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Many families have games nights when TV, computers and cell phones are turned off and family members play games, laugh and enjoy being together. On these nights family members play board games, ping pong, foosball and other competitive games which often end in announcing one member as the winner and others as losers. Parents then [...]

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Trends in Undergraduate Education

March, 2011
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As discussed in The Hobsons Report on Undergraduate Student Recruitment 2010, the US had an increase in enrollment of first-time freshmen by almost 600,000 students. This is a large increase and it means that applying to US colleges and getting admitted is becoming increasingly difficult.
In America, there are more than 3,000 colleges with lots of [...]

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