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Principal Nick Bowley: Bringing New Standards to BCIS

September, 2010
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Embracing the new school year, Beijing City International School (BCIS) welcomes back Nick Bowley as their new Head of School. Bowley is no stranger to the BCIS community as he led the school as Interim Head of School for one year, 2007-2008, and then served as a full-time consultant in January 2010.
“I had a [...]

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Choosing the Right Reads in the New Year

September, 2010
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I often feel overwhelmed when choosing my next book to read. Do I want something different from what I have just read? Do I want to re-read a favorite? Should I be totally “out there” and choose a non-fiction book? Do I care more about the writing style or about the story? Do I want [...]

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Real Music for Our Generation

September, 2010
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What song might you listen to right this minute? Is it by the Jonas Brothers? Beyoncé? Or Ke$ha, perhaps?
What about the Rolling Stones? Pink Floyd? David Bowie? Most kids today haven’t heard of these legendary artists. And even if they have, they write them all off as lame old bands their parents used to listen [...]

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Nursery Aged Children: Expectations and Abilities

September, 2010
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Before we can speak of the expectations for nursery aged children, we must first identify who these children are, their capabilities and natural tendencies. Only then can we set reasonable expectations which will contribute to a solid foundation for future growth, development and learning. We must never set standards higher than what is physically, emotionally [...]

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