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IBDP: Opening the Doors to University

July, 2010
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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a pre-university course of study over a two-year period. It is generally considered to be a well-rounded yet rigorous programme and in recent years has become widely accepted by universities around with world who want to enroll students with the self-study and research skills needed to succeed at [...]

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Malawi: the Warm Heart of Africa

July, 2010
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As soon as I returned from my two-week long Habitat trip to Malawi, countless friends and family have asked me the earnest question of, “How was it?” Every time, I would find myself at a loss for fitting adjectives. How can all the experiences and insights gained on the trip be expressed in a mere [...]

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Sites – June 2010

July, 2010
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Your Cause
Although this site is not especially targeted towards children, Your Cause can still be of interest to pre-teens and teens who are interested in raising money for their favorite charity. Users can create a customizable page explaining their personal mission and link it to a charity page all using the free basic tools available [...]

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Games – June 2010

July, 2010
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Players of SIMPLZ ZOO are asked to expand a tiny zoo with one lonely exhibit into a wildlife delight by providing food for the animals, staff for the zoo, and resources to build new attractions. Acting as a young zoo keeper, players group tiles on a grid in order to earn what they need [...]

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Books – June 2010

July, 2010
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Best Friends
The end of the school year means saying goodbye to classmates for the summer, but some children often have to say goodbye to their friends for good as families prepare to move abroad or move home from assignments overseas. In Best Friends, Alice and Gemma, who share the same birthday and have been inseparable [...]

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Movies – June 2010

July, 2010
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Shrek Forever After
In this fourth installment of the Shrek movies, our favorite ogre is now a devoted husband, father, and friend, but finds himself in a monotonous rut. Shrek longs for the old days when he led an exciting life as an outlawed ogre. At his triplet’s birthday party, he has one too many drinks [...]

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