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The Joy and Value of Volunteering

April, 2010
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We live in a world of post consumerism where people in developed countries are finally becoming satiated with stuff. There is no longer the kick that used to come from buying another thing. As almost everybody in rich countries can have all the toys they want the smug superiority previously acquired [...]

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Sharing Our Humanity: IST Campaign for Haiti Earthquake Relief

April, 2010
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Sites – Apr 2010

April, 2010
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We Are What We Do
Small actions x lots of people = big change. A simple enough equation, but one of potentially huge impact on our world. The people at We Are What We Do have provided a website hub to their global movement to inspire politicians, big business, and most importantly – the little guy [...]

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Games – Apr 2010

April, 2010
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Eco Match
Save planet Earth one match at a time in this colorful puzzle challenge, with over 100 puzzling levels. As the leader of WorldSAFE, players get to travel the globe completing 21 earth-saving projects designed to save endangered species, restore vanishing forests and clean up pollution. Perfect for all ages, kids can earn unique [...]

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Movies – Apr 2010

April, 2010
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Alice in Wonderland
Typical of director Tim Burton, this magical and imaginative twist on the classic Alice tale is an eye-fest of colour, awesome sets and quirky characters that will have your eyes boggled. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is astonishing, as is Bonham Carter as the bubble-headed queen. CS Lewis fans will love [...]

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Books – Apr 2010

April, 2010
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The Tomorrow Book
Tomorrow tomorrow – it’s only a sky-high garbage pile and another ozone hole away. In this gorgeous book of ideas and hope, kids will not only become heartened by a more beautiful tomorrow, they will actually learn how they too, can make it happen. When a little prince is left in charge of [...]

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New Early Intervention Class Offered at Care for Children

April, 2010
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