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Opera Star Visits the British School of Beijing

February, 2010
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BIBA Sees Colorful December 09

February, 2010
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DUCKS Chinese New Year Performance

February, 2010
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Sites – Feb 2010

February, 2010
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Get CNY-Savvy
Want your facts straight up? This no-nonsense site tells it like it is – wham bam, no wading through convoluted tiger tales to get the low-down. Want to know when the first day of the Year of the Tiger falls? It’s right there on the first page – Feb 14. Want the formal name [...]

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Games - Feb 2010

February, 2010
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Wii Fit Plus
No better way to keep your new year’s fitness resolutions than by upgrading to Wii Fit Plus – perfect for those who already have the Wii Fit system under their exercise belt. New features allow you to customize a workout, check calories burned and add exercises to your favourites. You can [...]

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Movies – Feb 2010

February, 2010
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Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Heard of Percy Jackson? You’ll soon know all about him, especially if you’re a teenage girl. 21st century school student Percy is about to find out that having Poseidon as a dad is not all it’s cracked up to be. As his Greek mythology texts come alive [...]

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Books – Feb 2010

February, 2010
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Happy New Year! 
Ever wondered how the ancient Romans and Druids celebrated the coming of a new year? How about modern-day people in countries like Bali, Ethiopia and Japan? New Year rituals and traditions come in as many colours as fireworks at Chinese New Year, and this gorgeously bright and varied book will take kids a [...]

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Etonkids Annual Spring Festival Celebrations

February, 2010
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Arts & Charity Extravaganza by Interkom

February, 2010
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