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Autumn Fair of Harrow International School Beijing

September, 2009
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International Day at Beijing International Bilingual Academy

September, 2009
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Families around the World at 3e International

September, 2009
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Teachers and Students: Building the Best Relationship

September, 2009
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  The new school year is here. New students, new teachers; new environment and new plans… How will this all come together?
  You start by building relationships on the first school day.
  Good teacher-student relationships are key to successful learning.
  Juliet, a Grade 7 at Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) Pudong Campus, answered a LittleStar survey on [...]

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Sites – Sept 2009 - II

September, 2009
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Fun Brain
Let’s face it, all kids love to play games, so why not choose an online site that secretes education and the learning of wonderful things inside the fun? Fun Brain does just that, with a heap of colourful and educational categories for all kids – both big and little. Included is a Math Arcade, [...]

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Games – Sept 2009 - II

September, 2009
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Aliens in the Attic
An action-adventure game the whole family can play, Aliens in the Attic follows on from the 20th Century Fox movie about a group of kids on family vacation who encounter a posse of knee-high alien invaders intent on conquering the world. Fun to see a game that is full of heart-pumping action [...]

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Movies - Sept 2009 - II

September, 2009
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9 (Nine)
When 9 (voiced by Elijah Wood) first comes to life, he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic parallel world, in which mankind has been destroyed by machines of its own making. By chance, 9 discovers a small community of his own kinsman – mechanized ‘rag dolls’ – who must discover why these machines also want [...]

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Books – Sept 2009 - II

September, 2009
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A Taste for Red
What would you do if your sixth grade science teacher was your immortal enemy? Sixth grader, Stephanie Grimm, is a vampire. Well, at least she thinks she is. She likes to wear black, sleep under her bed, eats only red food and has unofficially changed her name to Svetlana. What further evidence [...]

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Dr. Zilber: Growing in the Third Culture

September, 2009
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  Since her very first encounter many years ago with an international school Dr. Ettie Zilber, the new Head of School of Beijing BISS International School (BISS), has been fascinated by everything she saw and experienced at international schools. She says:
  “I have worked in Israel, Singapore, Spain and Guatemala and now I am in China. It [...]

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CISB Starts the New School Year with New Program and New Principal

September, 2009
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YCIS Beijing Students Achieve Excellent Exam Results

September, 2009
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YCIS Beijing Students as Global Young Leaders

September, 2009
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Etonkids Donates to International School in Ghana

September, 2009
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Harrow Opens New School in Hong Kong

September, 2009
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Harrow Improves in UK Math Challenge Results

September, 2009
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